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I'm Laura, a part-time working mummy to Logan and toddler Harlow. Logan, Harlow and I live with Daddy (Kevin) and our 2 dogs in Fife, Scotland. Kevin and I have been engaged for a number of years now and we're hoping to tie the knot some day!

Some facts about me:
* The blonde hair is all natural although it is sadly turning brown (I blame age).
* I lovvvveeeee Crisps, they are my chocolate.
* Spartacus is my all time favourite TV programme - watch it!!
* I cannot function at work without my daily bagel and cup of tea.
* Reading is a favourite hobby of mine, although my book choices are much to be desired.

Logan the Big Boy
Logan is getting so much older and wiser these days and recently taken the leap into school. He was diagnosed with Autism in June 2013 which in a way was a blessing and has made life so much easier for everyone now that we know how to manage day to day life. When he's not causing chaos being a cheeky monkey he enjoys going on walks with his doggies, Lexie & Tulli, attending soft play and going on play dates with his friends.

Some facts about Logan:
* He's only 7 but since he's so tall he looks more like 9!
* He lovvvveesss the iPad.
* Logan is a mad gadget fan, hand him a gadget of any sort and you've a friend for life!
* He's clearly a handsome little chap and that's a fact...

Harlow the Baby
Harlow is now 2 years old and becoming quite the little character. She's a complete diva of course and an eating machine, she'd snack all day if I let her. She's constantly on the move but has the stealth of a ninja so I have to watch her like a hawk! Her favourite thing to do is empty Mummy's kitchen cupboards and steal food from her Daddy.

Some facts about Harlow:
* Harlow was born by elective c-section, so much calmer for me.
* Her favourite thing at the moment is climbing - a lot!
* She loves CBeebies.
* She enjoys the school run with her big brother and loves being fussed over.


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