23 November 2021

Treat Your Mum this Christmas - A Gift Guide

This Christmas Gift Guide is all about the Mums. I think we can all agree that us mums work pretty hard all year (and especially at Christmas) so it's nice to get a little treat during the festive season. So for those of you needing some ideas on what to give your mum, I've put together this little Christmas gift guide to hopefully help you out. Read on to see some of my picks for lovely presents to give this year. 

Colour Me Beautiful Compact
This Christmas Colour Me Beautiful is here to help you wish your mum a very Merry Christmas with a selection of gift ideas to put the colour back into their life. One such gift which caught my eye is their gorgeous refillable make-up compacts which contains everything they'll need to ensure that mistakes in their make-up bag become a thing of the past.

These compacts are available in either Cool or Warm tones with each set compromising of 4 eye shadows, 1 blush powder, 1 highlighter and a multi-purpose cream blush that can be used on cheeks or lips. There's also a festive red lipstick included, designed to complement the shades in the make-up palate, Red Carpet for the Cool and Red Velvet for the Warm collection. Colour Me Beautiful was one of the first companies to launch refillable compacts picking up on a desire by their clients to only have make-up in their compacts that they use. It's a great idea and definitely one which I love. All the products in the range are made in the UK and are cruelty free. Colour Me Beautiful have a special Christmas offer - Compact and Lipstick is £75.00 (a saving of £20 on the RRP) offer ends 23rd December 2021. Locate your local consultant and try before you buy. 

Il Gusto Drinks
New for this year Il Gusto are offering a range of cute tasting sets with different alcohol to choose from including; Gin, Vodka, Whisky, Brandy or Rum. Gin is pretty big at the moment and their gorgeous tasting set has 8 different deliciously chosen flavours which your mum is sure to love. Each bottle is 40ml and includes favourites such as Rhubarb, Cherry Bakewell and the ever popular Turkish Delight.

Il Gusto have an extensive range of quality spirits, cocktails, sparkling wines, liqueurs, oils and vinegars which make the perfect personalised gifts so if your mum isn't a Gin fan there's always lots more on offer to choose from. The miniature Gin gift set retails for £29.95 and be purchased directly from the Il Gusto website.

PrimaBerry Crossbody Bag
I love a good bag and so does my mum so I know she'd love this gorgeous crossbody bag from PrimaBerry. It's made in Portugal using superior quality cork which in turn is a 100% natural raw material removed every 9 years from the cork oaks that make up the vast but delicate ecosystem of the Alentejo Montado, in Southern Portugal. Absolutely fascinating! It is of course eco-friendly and vegan. This gorgeous bag retails for £39.99 and is 100% worth every penny. It's super soft and super comfortable, perfect for taking on shopping trips and theatre dates as it doesn't get in the way. Honestly a great bag you won't regret buying for your wee mum. You might even want a matching one for yourself!

Ballonet Socks
Who doesn't love a funky coloured sock and Ballonet have a ton to wet your appetite. I'm the type of mum who adores a fabulously designed sock so these are right up my street. Ballonet have some wonderful sock designs on their website with my particular favourties being the Flake Socks (as they look so Christmassy) and the Flash Socks for their boldness. Each pair retail for around £8 but there are of course some lovely sales on at the moment so you could grab a bargain for your mum. Ballonet socks are made from brushed cotton yarns without polyester, therefore they look bright, eye-catching and durable. They feel super soft, comfy and breathable - just what your feet want. And they're a British brand! Go check out their website and pick your favourite design. 

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Kim Carberry on 24 November 2021 at 12:08 said...

Ohh! I would be happy with any of these gifts especially the Gusto Drinks. x

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