7 September 2021

Review: Jewel Secrets Royal Jewellery Set & Jewel Secrets Ring Set


I love a good piece of jewellery and so does my daughter so when I spotted these fabulous Jewel Secrets Sets I knew Harlow would be over the moon with them. Luckily for her she has been gifted the Jewel Secrets Royal Jewellery Set and the Jewel Secrets Ring Set to test out. 

First impressions are that the packaging is very bright and colourful which definitely caught my daughter's eye. She was very eager to get these sets open when she realised there were jewels hidden inside. The idea of each set is to be able to create your own unique royal costume jewellery. We'll start with the Jewel Secrets Royal Jewellery Set which contains: 1 x Chamber (With Lock And Key), 8x Magic Stones, 1x Locket Necklace (with lock), 2x Rings, 1x Pair of Earrings and 1x Collectors Guide.

The magic stones (which are like mini bath bombs) contain the jewels needed to create lovely pieces of jewellery that can be used for awesome role-play. The jewels are uncovered by placing the magic stones inside the crystal shaped chamber, adding water and patiently waiting 3 minutes for the stones to dissolve. Use the magic key to unlock the crystal shaped chamber, drop the magic stones inside, add water to expose the beautiful jewels hidden inside the magic stones, simple and easy to do yet so effective for little ones. 

The Jewel Secrets Royal Jewellery Set is packed full of over 20 colourful jewels. Create your own unique royal jewellery simply by adding the colourful jewels, hidden inside the magic stones, to the gold coloured heart shaped necklace, rings and earrings costume jewellery included in the set. They're easy to clip out and clip in again so your child can match all their favourite dress up outfits. The crystal chamber can also be used as a lockable jewellery box to store the extra jewels inside! Harlow loved doing this and uses the box for her other bits and bobs. This set retails from £19.99 and can be purchased from Smyth Toys.

The Jewel Secrets Ring Set is a smaller set but just as fun! It contains: 1 x Chamber (With Lock And Key), 6 x Magic Stones, 1x Ring and 1x Collectors Guide. With this set you can create your own unique costume jewellery ring. There's 12 colourful jewels hidden inside these magic stones which can be used on the ring. It's easy to clip the jewels in and out to match your outfit colour choice. Uncovering these stones is the same at the royal jewellery set. Simply place them into the crystal chamber, add water and wait. It's always exciting waiting to see which colour of jewels you're going to get. This Jewel Secrets Ring Set retails for £12.99.

There is also another set in the range called the Princess Glam Set which retails for £29.99 so if your child really loves Jewel Secrets you can try them to the whole package. These sets are definitely great gift ideas with different price points to suit all budgets.

Personally Harlow loved both the Jewel Secrets Royal Jewellery Set and the Jewel Secrets Ring Set. She loves being a princess and dressing up so to have the option of personalising your own jewels has been great. I think she'll be requesting the Princess Glam Set for her Christmas!

These items have been gifted for the purpose of this post in return for an honest review. All opinions are my own. 


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