19 August 2021

Review: We Drifters Anti-Insect Sleepwear

Since restrictions have been lifting the 2021 Summer has been all about staycations and exploring your own country for a lot of people, including us. As a family we love our getaways and staycations anyway and it's finally been great to get out and explore again. As you might have seen from my Instagram account we've been taking full advantage with trips to Blackpool, Oban, Mull, Isle of Skye, Aberdeenshire and of course some camping. And with exploring Scotland most of you will know that the Scottish midge is prolific in making your time away a living hell! That's where We Drifters come in and save us with their ingenious anti-insect sleepwear.

The husband and I were each sent a set of sleepwear to try out and honestly they're fab. My husband especially is super juicy to the midge population so he has been loving his we drifters sleepwear. The We Drifters anti-insect sleepwear package comes with; a long sleeve top, pair of trousers, pair of socks and a 2-in-1 pillowcase & storage bag. I was a little skeptical at first but since we've been trying them out for the past 3-4 months we really can't fault them.

The anti-insect sleepwear has basically been impregnated with HHL Technology Vital Protection, which is a revolutionary and long lasting anti-insect technology that can help you avoid nasty, itchy bites or even worse, serious illness. In addition, Vital Protection provides Quickdry, UPF50+, anti-microbial functionality, preventing odours, discoloration and degradation, ensuring fresher, more hygienic and durable fabrics.

These lightweight bamboo fabric sleepwear are said to keep 90% of bugs at bay, including mosquitoes, midges, and ticks. The sleepwear is unisex and can be worn by anyone. I love the fact each set includes thumb holes and stirrups to keep wrists and ankles covered (you can also clip the top to the trousers), plus the socks are so comfy and the 2-in-1 pillow case & storage bag is the icing on the cake. 

I found this sleepwear extremely comfortable, soft and breathable. I never got hot in it but it still kept me warm when the temperatures dropped. My husband found the same and normally he sweats like mad at night. I've had bamboo clothing before and they always feel amazing so I was grateful that we drifters felt the same. If you've never experienced bamboo clothing before then you're definitely missing out! This sleepwear fabric keeps it shape, washes well and is stretchy for a comfortable fit. 

If you're the type of person who travels a lot, camps a lot or is a general explorer then you need this anti-insect sleepwear in your life. Like I said at the start I was skeptical but am completely converted and love mine. Every time we go away on another adventure I make sure and pack these beauts in our luggage first. When we can finally go abroad again I'll be taking them there with me too.
Each sleepwear set retails for £85 but it is 100% worth the investment. They really do keep the bugs at bay and you'll be thanking yourself when there's no midges flying your way. Check out the We Drifters website for more information. 

The We Driferts sleepwear has been gifted in return for an honest review. All opinions are my own. 

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