15 December 2021

Christmas Gift Ideas for Older Boys


It's almost that time of year again and I think it's always worth being prepared. As you know we have my son's birthday before Christmas and my daughter's birthday after so making sure I select the right gifts is quite important. Also if I'm organised it means no stressful last minute buying and spending lots of money just for the sake of it. I like to take my time and plan where I can so I've put together this lovely gift guide of Christmas present ideas for older boys. My son is 12 so this gives you an idea of what age I'm aiming for, 12+ really. So read on to see my top Christmas gift picks for 2021.

Call of Duty Bedding Set
My son is getting so hard to buy for but he loves his gaming and he loves his bed, haha, so this Call of Duty double duvet and pillowcases bedding set is literally perfect for him. It's a brilliant design sure to suite any older boys room, teens and even young men, and with the new release of Vanguard it's perfecting timing for all Call of Duty lovers. Made from a soft polycotton fabric and features a reversible design, one side boasts an action-packed COD print, while the flipside is covered in an all-over camo pattern. This set is fully licensed and includes one double duvet cover (198 x 198 cm) and two pillowcases (50 x 75 cm). Retails for £35 on the Very website. 

PrimaBerry Passport Holder & Luggage Tag
It's inevitable that eventually my son will want to travel with friends as he gets older so this lovely passport holder and luggage tag set from PrimaBerry would make an excellent gift. Inspired by the sea and the sky this set is beautiful and won't break the bank at a very reasonably priced £8.99. Made from environmental friendly PU this set is waterproof and durable. Something which my son needs as he can be so hashy with his things. 

Bike Parka
I absolutely love a practical gift at Christmas and there's non better than this Bicycle Cover from Bike Parka. It really is the gift to get someone who has everything, especially older boys/teens/men! We all know a boy/man with a bike and it's usually well loved so why not purchase and gift this fab bike cover to keep their precious ride snug as a bug from all kinds of weather. It's excellent for those on the move and has unique lock-through panel and attachable Stuff Sac. Bike Parka have engineered these covers for tough protection against rain, snow and ice. Their technology ensures your bike will be kept dry and clean even in the harshest of weather. Retailing at around £39.95 I really think this is an awesome practical gift for all bike lovers. 

Young Driver
If you’re looking for something more unusual to gift then why not give the gift of driving? It'll be a unique and exciting experience that'll make memories to last a lifetime. My son would definitely love this and I'd love it to as it's a gift that doesn't take up space in my house haha! If you're child is aged 10 or over they can get behind the wheel of a real car with Young Driver, how amazing is that. There's over 70 UK venues so plenty to choose from. I was surprised that there's a few near me just outside of Fife. Prices for a 30-minute lesson for 10 to 17-year olds start from £32.99. Gift vouchers are available and can be purchased from www.youngdriver.com.

This is a collaborative post. All opinions are my own. 

23 November 2021

Treat Your Mum this Christmas - A Gift Guide


This Christmas Gift Guide is all about the Mums. I think we can all agree that us mums work pretty hard all year (and especially at Christmas) so it's nice to get a little treat during the festive season. So for those of you needing some ideas on what to give your mum, I've put together this little Christmas gift guide to hopefully help you out. Read on to see some of my picks for lovely presents to give this year. 

Colour Me Beautiful Compact
This Christmas Colour Me Beautiful is here to help you wish your mum a very Merry Christmas with a selection of gift ideas to put the colour back into their life. One such gift which caught my eye is their gorgeous refillable make-up compacts which contains everything they'll need to ensure that mistakes in their make-up bag become a thing of the past.

These compacts are available in either Cool or Warm tones with each set compromising of 4 eye shadows, 1 blush powder, 1 highlighter and a multi-purpose cream blush that can be used on cheeks or lips. There's also a festive red lipstick included, designed to complement the shades in the make-up palate, Red Carpet for the Cool and Red Velvet for the Warm collection. Colour Me Beautiful was one of the first companies to launch refillable compacts picking up on a desire by their clients to only have make-up in their compacts that they use. It's a great idea and definitely one which I love. All the products in the range are made in the UK and are cruelty free. Colour Me Beautiful have a special Christmas offer - Compact and Lipstick is £75.00 (a saving of £20 on the RRP) offer ends 23rd December 2021. Locate your local consultant and try before you buy. 

Il Gusto Drinks
New for this year Il Gusto are offering a range of cute tasting sets with different alcohol to choose from including; Gin, Vodka, Whisky, Brandy or Rum. Gin is pretty big at the moment and their gorgeous tasting set has 8 different deliciously chosen flavours which your mum is sure to love. Each bottle is 40ml and includes favourites such as Rhubarb, Cherry Bakewell and the ever popular Turkish Delight.

Il Gusto have an extensive range of quality spirits, cocktails, sparkling wines, liqueurs, oils and vinegars which make the perfect personalised gifts so if your mum isn't a Gin fan there's always lots more on offer to choose from. The miniature Gin gift set retails for £29.95 and be purchased directly from the Il Gusto website.

PrimaBerry Crossbody Bag
I love a good bag and so does my mum so I know she'd love this gorgeous crossbody bag from PrimaBerry. It's made in Portugal using superior quality cork which in turn is a 100% natural raw material removed every 9 years from the cork oaks that make up the vast but delicate ecosystem of the Alentejo Montado, in Southern Portugal. Absolutely fascinating! It is of course eco-friendly and vegan. This gorgeous bag retails for £39.99 and is 100% worth every penny. It's super soft and super comfortable, perfect for taking on shopping trips and theatre dates as it doesn't get in the way. Honestly a great bag you won't regret buying for your wee mum. You might even want a matching one for yourself!

Ballonet Socks
Who doesn't love a funky coloured sock and Ballonet have a ton to wet your appetite. I'm the type of mum who adores a fabulously designed sock so these are right up my street. Ballonet have some wonderful sock designs on their website with my particular favourties being the Flake Socks (as they look so Christmassy) and the Flash Socks for their boldness. Each pair retail for around £8 but there are of course some lovely sales on at the moment so you could grab a bargain for your mum. Ballonet socks are made from brushed cotton yarns without polyester, therefore they look bright, eye-catching and durable. They feel super soft, comfy and breathable - just what your feet want. And they're a British brand! Go check out their website and pick your favourite design. 

4 November 2021

An Educational Christmas Gift Guide from Learning Resources


As Christmas approaches us parents are always on the look out for great gifts to give to our kids either from ourselves or from Santa. Obviously Santa always needs a hand so why not make it a bit easier for him. I find it easy to always spot the common well liked toys such as Barbies, Lego, PlayStation Games etc that are on the Santa List but what about some lovely educational toys for a change? They might not seem like an obvious choice but these toys often last longer and come in handy when trying to teach your child new life skills. 

Learning Resources have a wealth of educational toys available at the click of a button and a lot of these toys are so fun the kids won't even know they're learning! Read on to see my top picks and hopefully they give you some nice inspiration for Christmas Gift ideas. 

Mental Blox Go
This critical thinking game is the perfect travel companion for holidays and long car journeys. Not only does Mental Blox Go encourage problem solving skills but it comes with a multicultural game & puzzle instruction book featuring 10 extra ways to play so kids will never get bored. The three-piece storage case features removable challenge tray and contains 20 puzzle pieces. Inside there are 20 double-sided puzzle cards, 16 puzzle pieces in four shapes, colours and patterns and all pieces store easily inside the case for easy pack up and play. Games which can be played from this set include; Shapes Sudoku (10 puzzles) – for 1 player, Memory Match – for 2 players, Slide & Solve – for 2 players, Piece by Piece – for 1 - 2 players, Swap 2 – for 1 -2 players, Attribute 3s – for 2 players, Spot the Blox! What's Missing? – for 3+ players, Spot the Blox! What's New? – for 3+ players, 4 x 4 Chess – for 2 players and Tower of 4 – for 2 players. There's also multilingual packaging available. All in all a great fun educational game aimed at ages 5-9 years and retailing for £16.50. An excellent gift to give this Christmas. 

GeoSafari SeaScope
One for the explorers and adventurers out there this GeoSafari SeaScope helps you to discover a hidden underwater natural world without getting wet! GeoSafari SeaScope lets you see into streams, ponds, lakes and rock pools thanks to the 5x magnification and built-in LED torch that illuminates what’s going on below the surface. This sturdy exploration tool features a ruler and thermometer so kids can record observations about what they find. GeoSafari SeaScope is a real working scientific tool which develops observation skills and promotes STEM learning. This scope measures at 33cm length compact and extends to 56cm. It requires 3 AAA batteries which aren't included and retails for £34.50. I honestly think this is an amazing piece of kit and one which I would have loved as a child. If you're like us and are always by the sea, rivers and ponds then this is a fantastic gift to give your child. Highly recommend. 

Time Activity Set
I'm definitely more of a hands on learning and my daughter seems to learn the same way. Telling the time can be hard for some kids so to actually have a clock and suitable resources to hand for learning this skill is super helpful. This Time Activity Set isn't really a game as such but it'll be really good for helping with the hands on learning of telling the time. Included in this pack are; 3 time dice (two hour and one minute) to illustrate digital time, 24 double-sided analogue and digital puzzle cards to help visualise the relationship between digital and analogue displays, 12 double-sided, wipe-clean daily activity cards to encourage a link between time and everyday activities, Plastic clock with moveable hands (measures 13cm H). Hours and minutes are colour-coded for easy identification and a Wipe-clean clock. There is also multilingual packaging and comprehensive teaching guide. So if your little one can use some extra help with time telling then this is the set for them. Retails at £16.00.

Kanoodle Duplexity
A great game for older kids Kanoodle Duplexity is a brain-bending puzzle game for 8 year olds and up that’s ideal for developing critical thinking, problem-solving and spatial reasoning skills through scree-free play. These 200 logic puzzles have been designed to put brain power to the test! Simply select a challenge card, place it in the case and play! Included in this game there are 200 puzzles (100 double-sided puzzle cards), 28 two-colour magnetic pieces, a carry case and multilingual instructions. Challenges increase in difficulty as you work through them from 1 – 200 and the carry case features magnetic surfaces and carry handle for on-the-go fun. This is a single player game so great to take on your travels as well. Retailing at £21.00 it's definitely something different for older kids to enjoy.

It’s time for the ultimate memory test with BrainBolt. Challenge your brain by memorising the light sequence and following along for as long as you can without breaking the pattern. Sound too easy but honestly it isn't and this game keeps you hooked as you always want to beat your last try and win. Aimed at ages 7-11 years this electronic brain challenge helps develop memory skills and visual scanning. Engage your brain by remembering the light sequence and following along for as long as you can without breaking the pattern. It's perfect for solo play, two-player mode, timed mode for quicker games, and advanced mode for expert players. BrainBolt comes with 3 AAA batteries installed for instant game action and retails for £20.50. Highly recommend this game, loads of family fun and it never gets old. 

This is a collaborative post. All opinions are my own. 

2 November 2021

Campervan Adventure on the Isle of Skye


During the Summer holidays the family and I decided to hire our very first campervan and do a little tour round the Isle of Skye. We've done plenty of staycations up and down the country but nothing quite like this before. There would be 2 adults, 2 kids and 2 dogs all in the camper so I knew I had to be prepared and pack light but essential items that we would be using daily. It was a challenge but I really think I nailed it.

I hired our campervan for 4 nights (Sunday to Thursday) from the lovely Carry On Camping Scotia Ltd in Edinburgh. They weren't far from us and it took 30 minutes from Fife to travel through to collect the camper. The easiest thing for us to do was drive through with 1 car and 2 drivers so we could collect the camper and bring it home plus bring our car home as well since it wasn't far. After a demonstration of everything in the camper we headed home to pack her up. 

I had been packing on and off during the day before collecting the campervan so it took me about an hour to load it up. I bought packing pods from Amazon to keep our clothes in. These were brilliant and I would highly recommend them. I took things like toiletries (remember the smidge spray!), camping chairs, essential food items as there's a small fridge in the camper, sensible shoes/boots, pillows, sleeping bags, jackets, all the dogs stuff, charges for mobiles/ipads and some games to keep the kids occupied. It really is worth having a think and packing light if you can so you have optimum space inside your camper.

When everyone was ready we hit the road and headed for Fort William. This would be our first stop on our trip. We left our home around 4pm ish and booked into the Ben Nevis Holiday Park arriving at 8pm ish after a few stops to admire the mountains on the way. I should say I had planned an itinerary a month or so before our actual trip and had booked several campsite so I could secure electric hook up pitches although the camper does have an extra battery which makes it suitable for wild camping. Most locals prefer you to use campsites and help out local businesses though so be aware of this. 

Our first night in the camper was quite fun. The kids were full of beans and wouldn't stop annoying each other though! And if you shout the whole campsite can hear you ha ha. We got there in the end and it wasn't too hard getting everyone sorted for bedtime, we were quite tired so everyone thankfully went to sleep quickly.

Monday morning and our plan was as follows;

10:00 (Before 12:00) - Check out of Ben Nevis Holiday Park and head towards Isle of Skye.
11:30 – Stop at/near Eilean Donan Castle.
12:00 – Stop at Manuela’s Wee Bakery for cakes/snacks and toilet break.
13:30 – Stop at Kylerhea Otter Haven Car Park, walk to see the Otters.
17:30 – Stop at Skyeskyns Café for refreshments/ toilet break.
18:30 – Visit the Old Man of Storr
19:30 – Check in to Staffin Caravan & Camping Site for the night.

All the timings were a guide and just so we kept moving and didn't lose track of time. Some things like stopping at Skyeskyns Cafe we never managed but we took each day as it came and just went with it. The views of Eilean Donan Castle were lovely, they unfortunately don't allow dogs round the castle so we never went in. There was a little food truck selling treats and drinks right beside the car park so we stopped to take some photos for a minute. Manuela's Wee Bakery is very cute but limited parking (only about 4 spaces) and it's down a side street where people's houses are. They had tasty snacks and drink and we even bought their own gin. Good thing is they have a toilet which is always handy on campervan trips. The Otter Haven is a nice wee walk and there's a chance of spotting dolphins/whales etc too. We saw plenty of seals but no otters sadly. We did hear some dolphins/whales but just couldn't spot them quick enough. The Old Man of Storr is quite a walk, we never managed right up as it was getting cooler and there were a swarm of midges so we walked up a little bit then turned back to head to the campsite. Highly recommend Staffin Caravan & Camping Site, people were lovely and helpful and the site is small, very tidy and toilets/showers were lovely. 

Tuesday was another day and our plans were;

10:00 (Before 12:00) – Check out of Staffin Caravan & Camping Site.
10:05 – Stop at An Corran Beach, 5 minutes from the campsite.
11:30 – Stop at The Fairy Glen (30 minutes from An Corran Beach).
12:30 – Stop at The Galley Café & Takeaway for food/toilet stop (5 minutes from The Fairy Glen).
14:00 – Stop at Claigan Coral Beach Car Park (45 minutes from the café).
16:30 – Stop at Neist Point Lighthouse (40 minutes from Coral Beach).
17:30 – Head to Glenbrittle Campsite & Café for the night, 1hr away from the lighthouse (no pre booking allowed, just turn up).

Our camper wouldn't start on Tuesday morning but luckily the lovely man from Staffin gave us a jump start. Couldn't thank him enough and after that our camper was fine. I must have pressed the wrong switch and drained the car battery by mistake, whoops! We headed to An Corran Beach which is famous for its dinosaur footprints. Luckily the dinosaur footprints are pretty easy to spot when you start looking and they're close to where you park so no mad trek searching for them. The kids loved this and honestly it was fascinating to see. After this we popped along to the Fairy Glen for a walk and nose around. It was actually really lush with greenery and great for kids to explore. Lots of places to hide and climb and take in the views. We then stopped by the Galley Cafe for some food and a toilet stop. Really recommend this cafe as it has some delicious seafood on offer. Coral Beach was our next top and it didn't disappoint. On a sunny day it really is a fabulous please although a word of warning to get there. It's a single track road with very few passing places and a tiny long thin car park that you cannot turn your car around in. You have to be good at reversing and there's no way a motorhome will fit or be able to reverse sadly. It's also a good walk to reach this beach so if you have young kids be prepared to maybe carry them. We decided to bypass the Lighthouse stop and go straight to Glenbrittle Campsite since it's first come first served for pitches, you cannot book in advance. Luckily we secured the last EHU pitch with a beautiful view. 

It was soon Wednesday and our plans looked like this;

10:00 – Check out of Glenbrittle Campsite & Café.
10:10 – Stop at the Fairy Pools (10 minutes from the campsite).
12:00 – Stop at Talisker Bay (20 minutes from fairy pools).
13:30 – Stop at The Old Inn & Waterfront Bunkhouse food/toilet stop. Dog friendly. (15 minutes from the bay).
15:00 – Travel back to Ben Nevis Holiday Park for the night (2.5hrs away from skye).
17:30 – Check into Ben Nevis Holiday Park.

Wednesday turned out to be a complete change of plans. I completely scraped everything on the list and we just went with the flow. Harlow loved the beach at Glenbrittle Campsite as there was lots of fish and shrimp to catch in the water so we spent the morning doing that. When it was time to check out of the campsite we basically just headed for the closest cafe for lunch before hitting the road and heading for Fort William. It was more of a relaxing day but the kids didn't mind and neither did us adults. 

On Thursday, after spending the night at Ben Nevis Holiday Park, we packed up early and zoomed down the road to unpack the campervan and hand it back to the lovely Carry On Camping Scotia Ltd in Edinburgh. It was a lovely trip and something totally different. I think the next time we hire a camper we'll maybe try it just us adults and see how we get on. It's definitely a busy holiday and not a relaxing one but the different places you visit and the sights are just beautiful and 100% worth it. 

7 September 2021

Review: Jewel Secrets Royal Jewellery Set & Jewel Secrets Ring Set


I love a good piece of jewellery and so does my daughter so when I spotted these fabulous Jewel Secrets Sets I knew Harlow would be over the moon with them. Luckily for her she has been gifted the Jewel Secrets Royal Jewellery Set and the Jewel Secrets Ring Set to test out. 

First impressions are that the packaging is very bright and colourful which definitely caught my daughter's eye. She was very eager to get these sets open when she realised there were jewels hidden inside. The idea of each set is to be able to create your own unique royal costume jewellery. We'll start with the Jewel Secrets Royal Jewellery Set which contains: 1 x Chamber (With Lock And Key), 8x Magic Stones, 1x Locket Necklace (with lock), 2x Rings, 1x Pair of Earrings and 1x Collectors Guide.

The magic stones (which are like mini bath bombs) contain the jewels needed to create lovely pieces of jewellery that can be used for awesome role-play. The jewels are uncovered by placing the magic stones inside the crystal shaped chamber, adding water and patiently waiting 3 minutes for the stones to dissolve. Use the magic key to unlock the crystal shaped chamber, drop the magic stones inside, add water to expose the beautiful jewels hidden inside the magic stones, simple and easy to do yet so effective for little ones. 

The Jewel Secrets Royal Jewellery Set is packed full of over 20 colourful jewels. Create your own unique royal jewellery simply by adding the colourful jewels, hidden inside the magic stones, to the gold coloured heart shaped necklace, rings and earrings costume jewellery included in the set. They're easy to clip out and clip in again so your child can match all their favourite dress up outfits. The crystal chamber can also be used as a lockable jewellery box to store the extra jewels inside! Harlow loved doing this and uses the box for her other bits and bobs. This set retails from £19.99 and can be purchased from Smyth Toys.

The Jewel Secrets Ring Set is a smaller set but just as fun! It contains: 1 x Chamber (With Lock And Key), 6 x Magic Stones, 1x Ring and 1x Collectors Guide. With this set you can create your own unique costume jewellery ring. There's 12 colourful jewels hidden inside these magic stones which can be used on the ring. It's easy to clip the jewels in and out to match your outfit colour choice. Uncovering these stones is the same at the royal jewellery set. Simply place them into the crystal chamber, add water and wait. It's always exciting waiting to see which colour of jewels you're going to get. This Jewel Secrets Ring Set retails for £12.99.

There is also another set in the range called the Princess Glam Set which retails for £29.99 so if your child really loves Jewel Secrets you can try them to the whole package. These sets are definitely great gift ideas with different price points to suit all budgets.

Personally Harlow loved both the Jewel Secrets Royal Jewellery Set and the Jewel Secrets Ring Set. She loves being a princess and dressing up so to have the option of personalising your own jewels has been great. I think she'll be requesting the Princess Glam Set for her Christmas!

These items have been gifted for the purpose of this post in return for an honest review. All opinions are my own. 

22 August 2021

Review: Children of the World by Tactic Games


Over the school holidays we've been on lots of adventures but we've also been trying out some new fun family games. We do love a good board game in our house and Tactic Games have kindly sent us another beauty to try out as a family. This time it was Children of the World! A fantastic new game which is perfect for learning all about new cultures.

Aimed at children aged 5-10 years this is the perfect game to start a lifelong appreciation and fascination for different cultures around the world. Exploring people and cultures activates children’s natural curiosity, and keeps them engaged time and time again. You can play this game one of two ways, with the second being easier for the younger children so they don't miss out. There can be between 2-6 players and each game can last around 15 minutes + depending on how you play. 

This game takes you off for an adventure. Children of the World is a colourful window into the big wide world and shows you how people can live their lives in different countries. The players in this game play together, move on the game board and perform fun tasks to collect stamps for their passport. It creates a sense of team work so everyone is involved and there's no huge competitive energy which I really like. You get the opportunity to learn about the things that connect all the children of the world and the things that make us all so unique!

Contained in each box is; a game board, 100 cards, 1 passport + 12 detachable stamps, 1 bag, 40 travel discs, 7 ticket tiles, 6 game characters + plastic stands, instructions and a die + stickers. The instructions are clearly laid out and are nice and colourful plus all the writing is cut down into short chunks of reading. 

The aim of the game is to move your character around the game board which looks like a map of the world (divided into 6 different parts; South America, North America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania). You move around answering questions and collecting stamps for your passport. The game ends when all the players add the last stamp to the passport. 

Children of the World retails for around £19.99 and is a lovely simple game which the whole family can enjoy. It's a beautifully illustrated colourful board game that I'd definitely recommend. Both of my kids really enjoyed it even though Logan is older. He loves facts so was happy to join in and it meant the game was more geared towards Harlow (who's 6) so she could get fully involved and have lots of fun whilst learning. 

This game has been gifted in return for an honest review. All opinions are my own. 

19 August 2021

Review: We Drifters Anti-Insect Sleepwear


Since restrictions have been lifting the 2021 Summer has been all about staycations and exploring your own country for a lot of people, including us. As a family we love our getaways and staycations anyway and it's finally been great to get out and explore again. As you might have seen from my Instagram account we've been taking full advantage with trips to Blackpool, Oban, Mull, Isle of Skye, Aberdeenshire and of course some camping. And with exploring Scotland most of you will know that the Scottish midge is prolific in making your time away a living hell! That's where We Drifters come in and save us with their ingenious anti-insect sleepwear.

The husband and I were each sent a set of sleepwear to try out and honestly they're fab. My husband especially is super juicy to the midge population so he has been loving his we drifters sleepwear. The We Drifters anti-insect sleepwear package comes with; a long sleeve top, pair of trousers, pair of socks and a 2-in-1 pillowcase & storage bag. I was a little skeptical at first but since we've been trying them out for the past 3-4 months we really can't fault them.

The anti-insect sleepwear has basically been impregnated with HHL Technology Vital Protection, which is a revolutionary and long lasting anti-insect technology that can help you avoid nasty, itchy bites or even worse, serious illness. In addition, Vital Protection provides Quickdry, UPF50+, anti-microbial functionality, preventing odours, discoloration and degradation, ensuring fresher, more hygienic and durable fabrics.

These lightweight bamboo fabric sleepwear are said to keep 90% of bugs at bay, including mosquitoes, midges, and ticks. The sleepwear is unisex and can be worn by anyone. I love the fact each set includes thumb holes and stirrups to keep wrists and ankles covered (you can also clip the top to the trousers), plus the socks are so comfy and the 2-in-1 pillow case & storage bag is the icing on the cake. 

I found this sleepwear extremely comfortable, soft and breathable. I never got hot in it but it still kept me warm when the temperatures dropped. My husband found the same and normally he sweats like mad at night. I've had bamboo clothing before and they always feel amazing so I was grateful that we drifters felt the same. If you've never experienced bamboo clothing before then you're definitely missing out! This sleepwear fabric keeps it shape, washes well and is stretchy for a comfortable fit. 

If you're the type of person who travels a lot, camps a lot or is a general explorer then you need this anti-insect sleepwear in your life. Like I said at the start I was skeptical but am completely converted and love mine. Every time we go away on another adventure I make sure and pack these beauts in our luggage first. When we can finally go abroad again I'll be taking them there with me too.
Each sleepwear set retails for £85 but it is 100% worth the investment. They really do keep the bugs at bay and you'll be thanking yourself when there's no midges flying your way. Check out the We Drifters website for more information. 

The We Driferts sleepwear has been gifted in return for an honest review. All opinions are my own. 

3 June 2021

Review: Grogu Soft Toy from The Mandalorian


I know there's lots of mad Star Wars fans out there and we're no different in our house, in fact we've started watching them all again with our son Logan. It's such a great movie series to get your teeth into and the merchandise is always amazing. 

In fact for Star Wars fans everywhere you can now get your hands on one of their latest arrivals, this cute 18cm soft toy Grogu (RRP £9.99) who is now available from Amazon and Very. This cutie is made from the highest quality of fabrics and perfectly embodies the fan favourite character from the Mandalorian series.

As you can imagine as soon as Harlow spotted Grogu she was in love. She's been desperate to have one of her own for ages so this was a dream come true. She basically treats him like a little baby and carts him around the house and on trips. It's very sweet to watch.

Here are a few Grogu facts for you; as most of you will know Grogu is a character from the Star Wars Disney+ original television series The Mandalorian. He is a toddler member of the same unnamed alien species as the Star Wars characters Yoda and Yaddle, with whom he shares a strong ability in the Force. And of course he's adorable!

Grogu is super soft and the perfect size for little hands, he's easy to carry around since he's quite light weight and my daughter absolutely loves him. He's definitely a winner chicken dinner in this house! If you would like your very own Grogu then do check out both the Amazon and Very websites. You definitely won't regret this purchase.

Grogu has been gifted for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own. 

31 May 2021

Father's Day: Gift Ideas for the Dad in Your Life


The months have been creeping by at an alarming rate and with Father's Day in the UK fast approaching, it's a good idea to be prepared for Sunday 20th June. I've selected a small range of gifts which I think any Dad would love. There's definitely something to suit everyone's taste and style. Read on to see what I have picked for my gift guide. 

TrendHim Lance Navy Backpack
Since the world has opened up again we've resumed our family trips and days out which means we normally need a good quality backpack to carry all our snacks, water bottles and the usual bits an bobs. The husband doesn't really have a decent backpack so this beaut from TrendHim (RRP £59) will be a great gift from the kids. With a classic mountaineering look and feel, this handsome navy backpack is perfect for day-to-day essentials as well as trips out. The main compartment clips securely shut and is colourfully lined for a discrete burst of colour. Features include a padded laptop pocket to keep it safe and protect from knocks, two zipped front pockets help organise and allow quick access and adjustable padded shoulder straps give a comfortable fit. Excellent for business Dad and fun weekend Dad.

Box of Hugs
Can't be there this Father’s Day to give your brilliant dad a big hug? Well, why not send him a big hug in the post with a Box of Hugs, full of thoughtful treats, to let him know you are thinking of him. You can include a personalised message with your Father's Day gift to make it even more special, and for every Father’s Day card bought with a Box of Hugs, a 50p donation will be made to The Brain Tumour Charity. How fabulous is that! Three mums, and also sisters, launched Box of Hugs London after going through bereavements and illnesses, including their own mother’s battle with a brain tumour. During these times the sisters realised finding a unique and thoughtful gift idea, that wasn’t flowers, was tricky. This was the inspiration behind launching Box of Hugs London. Prices range from as little as £21 and there really is something to suit everyone. Even if there's not a particular box that catches your eye you can build you own. I particularly love the So Glad You Are Mine Hug In A Box Father's Day box but they're all so nice and top quality. Highly recommend. 

Mary - Botanical Blend
Gin is all the rage these days so it's always nice to find a different one on the market. Meet Mary, the vegan low calorie gin who is sugar and carb free. It's also low alcohol so can be enjoyed at any time throughout the week, especially now that the nicer weather is coming in. This botanical blend has hints of basil, thyme and sage and tastes absolutely amazing. Excellent gift to give any dad this Father's Day and one I'm sure he'll thank you for. 

Conifox Father's Day
If you have young children then why not treat Dad to a wee day out at Conifox Adventure Park. On Sunday 20th June all Dad's get free entry with a paying child, so why not take Dad along and have fun on the bouncy pillow or the go karts or football golf! Spending some quality time together is always a winner. Remember to book your tickets online to secure your space. 

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12 May 2021

Home Learning Must Haves from Learning Resources


I'm so glad the schools are now back to full time education and the kids have a more settled routine but that doesn't mean the fun of home learning has to stop. I personally found all the school work overwhelming but home learning doesn't have to be all paperwork and no fun. Learning Resources have a range of lovely home learning must haves which will make discovering new facts and interesting topics a joy to share with your child. Luckily for my two Learning Resources sent Logan one of their GeoSafari Motorised Display Solar System and Harlow received the awesome GeoSafari Jr. Talking Wildlife Camera. As you can imagine the kids were thrilled and we've had lots of fun them with.

The Motorised Solar System is great for anyone learning about planets or who are totally into Space. It's super quick and easy to put together, and Logan now has his proudly displayed in his bedroom. Contained in each box is a central tower with LED light, 8 planet orbs on rods with identifying planetary symbols, Sun sphere and a Northern Hemisphere star dome. You'll need 4 AA batteries for the central tower before you start building up the planets, and once that's done you can check each planet for their special symbol and reference it in the table guide (in the instructions booklet) to correctly place your planets around the Sun. It's really easy to do and won't take you long at all. Once all the planets are in place you can turn on the motor/lamp at the base of the tower and watch the model move and glow. 

Logan really loved watching the planets circle around the Sun plus it acts as a great sensory light at night. The Northern Hemisphere star dome can be swapped with the top of the Sun so you can see all of the star constellations, another great sensory addition for at night and good educational talking point. Details on the planets and stars can be found within the instructions booklet. It also has extras such as Solar System Fun Facts, Planet Riddles and Solar System Basics. A great booklet to keep hold of for future use.

The GeoSafari Motorised Display Solar System is aimed at ages 8-12 years and costs £36.00. It's a great addition to home learning and definitely makes things more interesting and fun. Not only does it have the planets but getting to turn the lights out at night and see a stellar star show on your bedroom ceiling is pretty cool and something to remember. Logan really does love his solar system, it would make a great birthday gift for sure. 

Next up is Harlow's GeoSafari Jr. Talking Wildlife Camera and what a fab piece of kit it is! This toy camera comes with 130 built-in high-resolution wildlife images that guarantee a successful wildlife viewing experience every time. It features over 30 animals from all around the world and includes 2 modes of play that feature over 120 facts and 120 quiz questions narrated by Animal Planet’s Crikey It’s the Irwins co-star, Robert Irwin. This camera was designed with extra-large dual eyepieces and easy-grip handles for a steady viewing experience that little hands will find easy to use. It's a good sturdy camera measuring at approx. 19cm L x 22cm W x 13cm H and the Tripod measures approx. 15cm L x 15cm H x 20cm H. You'll need 3x AAA batteries to get it going. 

Harlow absolutely loves this camera and the fact that it talks to you. The controls and buttons were easy for her to pick up and use and she had great fun trying out the quiz and answering the questions. When using the camera in view mode you can explore the world's wildlife with Robert Irwin as your guide. There are 5 regions to choose from and more than 30 different animals to learn about. Harlow particularly liked African and knew straight away to look into the camera's double eyepiece to spot the animals in the wild and hear the facts about them. 

In Quiz Mode, Robert will challenge your wildlife knowledge. You have to look through the camera eyepiece to select which animals to be quizzed on then choose your answer by pressing either 1,2 or 3 buttons located on the back of the camera. When trying True or False questions you press 1 for True and 2 for False. Multiple choice questions are 1,2 or 3 to answer. If you're first guess in incorrect just try again. Harlow picked everything up so quickly and was working the camera herself within 5 minutes. I was amazed at how long it kept her busy for and it's now a toy she goes back to again and again.

As well as watching awesome animals in view mode you can also use the camera in pretend play mode. Simply remove the camera from the tripod and turn the lens to see out of the viewfinder. Great if the kids want to take it out and about in the car or on a walk. A point to note is that the audio and images will not work when the camera is detached from the tripod but pretend play is still lots of fun!

The GeoSafari Jr. Talking Wildlife Camera is aimed at ages 4-8 years but it's great fun for everyone, even Harlow's big brother was trying to get in on the action. Retailing at £60 this wildlife camera is a great piece of learning kit and I 100% highly recommend for budding wildlife and camera enthusiasts. I so wish there was technology around like this when I was younger, I would have loved it!

As you can see from my lovely photos both Logan and Harlow are super impressed with their new home learning goodies and I'm happy to say they've played with them again and again. It's something for us all to talk about and engage as a family and the kids are thrilled. Why not pop over to Learning Resources UK and see all of the wonderful resources they have to offer!

These products have been gifted for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own. 

10 May 2021

Review: Cutetitos Unicornitos Wave 2 Assortment


Cutetitos are cute cuddly pets wrapped in a super soft burrito blanket just waiting to be unwrapped and discovered. Harlow has collected a few over the years however there's some new fabulous friends on the block - Cutetitos Unicornitos Wave 2 Assortment! These beauties have just launched and Harlow has been lucky enough to get her hands on 3 adorable stuffed unicorns to review. 

So basically Cutetitos are now more magical than ever, in brand new limited edition Unicornitos! There's 8 all new styles of Unicornitos in beautiful prints to collect and they come with a cool rainbow burrito wrap. Harlow of course thought this was amazing as she loves rainbows and unicorns. Her room is unicorn decorated after all.

Cutetitos Unicornitos are adorable, super-soft stuffed unicorns wrapped and hidden in a rainbow burrito blanket ready to be unrolled and loved. You can discover your Cutetito's personality (mild, medium, hot, or super spicy) by checking out its "hot spot" - a chili pepper shaped icon you can find on its hip. Harlow's 3 Unicornitos were all Mild and she was very happy with that. A pet collector card is included with additional information about your new pet including its name, birthday and "hot spot" spice-o-meter rating.

Harlow was super excited to discover which Unicornitos she had so got right into unwrapping them super quick. She was lucky to receive Shineito and 2 Purplito unicorns. She loved this as it means she thinks she has twins, bless. They really are super super soft and so is their burrito wrap. There's 8 different styles to collect and range from Common to Ultra Rare. We didn't find an Ultra Rare one this time but Harlow's desperate to the next time she gets one. 

These Cutetitos would make great little gifts and incentives for kids if they deserve a nice treat. Aimed at ages 5-7 years their RRP is £7.99 which I think is reasonable for a quality soft toy with blanket. You can purchase direct from Smyths Toys but they are also available in ToyMaster and all good independent toy stores. Harlow really loves these and 100% wants more so it's a big thumbs up from us!

These products have been gifted for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own. 

26 March 2021

Alternative Easter Gift Ideas from Learning Resources


I can't believe the school have now broken up for the Easter Holidays and we'll soon be inundated with a plentiful supply of chocolate eggs and goodies. I know not everyone can maybe have chocolate for Easter so Learning Resources have stepped up their game and produced a lovely selection of alternative Easter Gift Ideas for you to choose from. We've been sent a few for the kids are they're brilliant, read on to find out more.

Playfoam Pals Unicorn Magic 2-Pack
Playfoam is 100% a massive hit in our house. It's a lovely soft squishy texture so great from a sensory point of view but it also doesn't smell, make a mess and is non-toxic. With the new Playfoam Pals Unicorn Magic it's even more fun as you get 4 fantastical surprises inside! There are 45 mystical creatures to find and collect, and I love that each pot is shaped like a rainbow with clouds on the end. It's just so cute! Each rainbow of Playfoam Pals contains a mystery collectable unicorn toy figure such as a unicorn, kittycorn, llamacorn or you could even find the rare twin baby gem unicorns. There's also a mystery charm, Playfoam and collectors guide included. This two pack retails for £12 and is worth every penny for hours of fun, a great alternative to chocolate eggs.

Kanoodle Cosmic 
For the older child in your life (or even an adult) why not give the gift of this out-of-this-world brain game - Kanoodle Cosmic! Aimed at ages 7+ to adult and only 1 player required you can construct oodles of 2-D puzzles with this brain-twisting solitary game. Simply pick a puzzle from the book, set up the challenge, and then place the remaining pieces to solve the puzzle. Simples! There's hundreds of possible combinations but only one completes the puzzle... Retailing at £12.50 it's a great gift that'll keep on giving plus it's compact and makes for a brilliant travel game where ever you venture.

Playfoam Putty 4-Pack
As you know we're big fans of Playfoam but have you heard about the new Playfoam Putty? You can mould, stretch and squeeze this uniquely textured kids putty and hear it make satisfying crackling sounds with every squish. The best part is, it never dries out! I've had to throw so many different putty type toys out because they always dry out over time but Playfoam Putty is here to stay. This fun sensory toy combines the squishability of award-winning Playfoam® with stretch of putty for a fun multi-sensory creative play experience. The 4-Pack contains 4 cool neon colours and of course the child-friendly Playfoam is non-toxic making it an excellent fidget toy. Retailing at £13 this is a great interactive toy which will last.

Hoppy Floppy's Happy Hunt Game
We love a good game or two and adding new ones to our collection so how cute if this Hoppy Floppy's Happy Hunt Game! Hoppy Floppy rabbit needs your help finding his carrots so get stuck in and help him out. This attractive family fun game will keep early learners engaged as they develop a variety of key skills through play. Aimed at ages 3-7 years (and 2-4 players) it's great for developing core skills such as; matching, strategy and colour recognition. The rabbit-themed plastic squeezer will help build fine motor skills and encourage pre-handwriting skills whilst the fun game play will introduce early social skills, including turn taking. It really is a lovely little game and at £16 it won't break the bank. 

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