3 November 2020

Review: Twisty Girlz Bracelets

My daughter loves dolls and jewellery so it's only natural that she's going to love the all new Twisty Girlz from Spin Master who magically transform from doll to collectible bracelet. But that's not all! They come with a mystery Twisty Pet as well. Super exciting. Harlow has been sent two dolls to check out and review. She was so excited when I gave them to her so hears what we thought.

As I've mentioned these fashionable dolls transform from cute girl into a bracelet you can wear. It's simple and easy to do and the dolls come with full instructions in case you need a little help. Each Twisty Girlz features a different stylish outfit and cool hairstyle and comes with a secret Twisty Pet. It's a great element of surprise to add in and Harlow loved guessing which mystery pet she would receive. The Twisty Pet comes in it's own little pet carrier, simply open up to reveal either a unicorn, elephant, puppy or kitty.

Each box contains 1 Twisty Girlz bracelet, 1 ring (Twisty Pet), 1 lead, 1 instructions sheet and 1 collector's guide. The little lead comes in so handy as it means you can join your Twisty Girlz bracelet and Twisty Pet to create a bracelet/ring combo. With a few simple twists, your Twisty Girlz doll becomes a trendy bracelet and your pet transfers into a super cute blingy ring. There's lots of different ones to collect including rare and super rare dolls.

Harlow loves both of her dolls and mystery pets. She received Glitzy Bitzy, who came with the sweetest little unicorn pet, and Kitty Katt who came with a beautiful cat pet. Both dolls are very vibrant and fun to look at with crazy cool hair, glittery skirts and amazing details. I personally think they're really fun and Harlow has been playing with them loads over the last week, both as dolls and as jewellery. They retail for £9.99 which I think is a fair price since they're a decent size, comes with pets and also have a dual purpose. They'd make great stocking fillers for sure this year or a lovely present to give the kids on birthdays or for doing well in school. 

I found the dolls easy to transform into a bracelet and the pets into a ring. After a few tries it comes naturally and you can change it back and forth without any problems. Harlow found it quite easy too (she's 5) although struggled a little bit with the pets to get them back into pet form however it was easy enough for me to help out if she needed it. I'm sure she'll grasp it better the more practice she has. Overall lovely toys at a decent price and I'm sure Harlow will be asking for more from Santa!

Products have been gifted for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own.

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Unknown on 4 April 2021 at 15:04 said...

I Would love 17 of these twisty girlz

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