30 November 2020

Unusual Gift Ideas for Children


Every year I struggle to think of new and exciting gifts to buy the kids for Christmas. Harlow's not too bad as she wants everything and anything however Logan is almost 11 and it's so hard to know what to get for him as he normally isn't that fussed for gifts, never really has been. He loves his gadgets and tech but there's only so much you can buy so that's why I've put together this gift guide on some more unusual things to buy children this Christmas. 

Young Driver

If you’re looking for a Christmas present for a 5 to 17-year old, how about giving the gift of driving? It'll be a unique and exciting experience that'll make memories to last a lifetime. My son would definitely love this and I'd love it to as it's a gift that doesn't take up space in my house haha! If you're child is aged 10 or over they can get behind the wheel of a real car with Young Driver, how amazing is that. If they're aged 5 to 10 then they can drive a specially created two-seater electric car. There's over 70 UK venues so plenty to choose from. I was surprised that there's a few near me just outside of Fife. Prices for a 30-minute lesson for 10 to 17-year olds start from £32.99, and Firefly lessons for 5-10s are £21.99. Gift vouchers are available and can be purchased from www.youngdriver.com.

Have You Ever Had a Stressor?
Is a great book written with children's mental health in mind. The book was written by iSpace Wellbeing founder, Paula Talman, a leading expert with 25 years of experience in child development and physical and mental health. Focusing on ‘stressors’ - those things that cause us a ‘big worry’ -  the book is designed to help children to open up about what’s worrying them, so that they can identify the cause and understand who and how to ask for help. It's a great little read and a good gift to give this year with all that's been going on. You can find out more info at iSpace Wellbeing

Letterbox Lab
Letterbox Lab is a children’s subscription box service that brings science to life with collectable lab equipment, gadgets and new discoveries in every box. The boxes come with everything parents and children need to start building their lab and have fun with a range of cool experiments. From building helicopters and catapults to experiments that fizz, change colour and glow in the dark, the boxes are designed to help parents spend quality time with children doing something educational and fun, with minimal fuss. The world needs scientists now more than ever, and their mission is to help inspire the next generation of innovators. Children who gain a love of science from an early age may go on to discover the next medical or scientific breakthrough that could help solve some of the wide-ranging issues affecting our planet. It just takes that one spark to light a passion for learning, and from there, anything is possible. Prices start from £11.25 and I think it's a great gift that keeps on giving. 

Tales from the Pitch Books
My son is a real book worm and loves getting stuck into a good read. I know some children do struggle with their reading but that's where tales from the pitch can help. This brand new book series is using the power of football to get even the most reluctant of readers involved. They're easy to read fictional biographies of major football stars which offer something very important to most children - facts about football players and a behind the scenes glimpse into their world. I think books are always a great gift to give so this definitely gets a thumbs up from me. Each book retails for £6.99 and they'd make excellent gifts this Christmas. 

This is a collaborative post. All opinions are my own. 

25 November 2020

Gift Ideas for Busy Mums


Everyone seems to be celebrating Christmas that little bit earlier this year, and who can blame them! The year of 2020 has been a bit crap lets be honest and as always it's us busy mums that are usually running around trying to get ourselves and the family organised. We deserve a nice treat after all our hard work so I've put together this gift guide on what to buy the busy mum in your life this Christmas. Enjoy!

treat trunk
This box of goodies is perfect for that mum who's always on the run or the exhausted new mum who just needs a grab and go snack. The treat trunk is a healthy snack subscription box designed for when you have that moment of calm and can dive into a selection of treats chosen with mums in mind. They're all very nutritious so you don't have to feel guilty about indulging in a few. I personally think it's a great idea, I mean who doesn't want a box of snacks delivered to their door every month! Each box is literally crammed full and there's a few different options to choose from on the treat trunk website so go check it out.  

Essench are a health and beauty brand who use the power of plants to help you relax and unwind. I particularly love their CBD Bath Bombs especially the one named Relax! It promises to provide the best relaxation experience when popped in the bath. Sounds fab to me. I also really love the look of their Phoenix Balm which is infused with CBD and used to help muscle aches and headaches. I get so many headaches these days so this temple rub would be ace. These products are vegan friendly, cruelty free and palm oil free which is amazing. Prices start from around £8.00 so go check them out online.

Say It With Champers
Who doesn't love a little tipple at Christmas and what better way to show you care than with a Mini Personalised Bottle of Prosecco! With prices starting at £8.99 it won't break the bank but makes such a lovely gift. I know I would totally appreciate this underneath my Christmas tree with my name on it. Great idea with that personal touch. There's loads of different options available from Say It With Champers so do have a nosey at their website for perfect gift ideas. 

Shardana Catering
If you're local to Fife/Edinburgh areas then why not get in touch with Shardana Catering to treat the busy mum in your life to a delicious home cooked meal prepared for her by her very own chef! It's an amazing experience and it means she'll get a night off and the chance to relax and put her feet up. There's lots of amazing options to choose from with something to suit everyone. I definitely think it makes an excellent gift as completely different and unusual. Find them online for more details. 

This is a collaborative post. All opinions are my own. 

3 November 2020

Review: Twisty Girlz Bracelets

My daughter loves dolls and jewellery so it's only natural that she's going to love the all new Twisty Girlz from Spin Master who magically transform from doll to collectible bracelet. But that's not all! They come with a mystery Twisty Pet as well. Super exciting. Harlow has been sent two dolls to check out and review. She was so excited when I gave them to her so hears what we thought.

As I've mentioned these fashionable dolls transform from cute girl into a bracelet you can wear. It's simple and easy to do and the dolls come with full instructions in case you need a little help. Each Twisty Girlz features a different stylish outfit and cool hairstyle and comes with a secret Twisty Pet. It's a great element of surprise to add in and Harlow loved guessing which mystery pet she would receive. The Twisty Pet comes in it's own little pet carrier, simply open up to reveal either a unicorn, elephant, puppy or kitty.

Each box contains 1 Twisty Girlz bracelet, 1 ring (Twisty Pet), 1 lead, 1 instructions sheet and 1 collector's guide. The little lead comes in so handy as it means you can join your Twisty Girlz bracelet and Twisty Pet to create a bracelet/ring combo. With a few simple twists, your Twisty Girlz doll becomes a trendy bracelet and your pet transfers into a super cute blingy ring. There's lots of different ones to collect including rare and super rare dolls.

Harlow loves both of her dolls and mystery pets. She received Glitzy Bitzy, who came with the sweetest little unicorn pet, and Kitty Katt who came with a beautiful cat pet. Both dolls are very vibrant and fun to look at with crazy cool hair, glittery skirts and amazing details. I personally think they're really fun and Harlow has been playing with them loads over the last week, both as dolls and as jewellery. They retail for £9.99 which I think is a fair price since they're a decent size, comes with pets and also have a dual purpose. They'd make great stocking fillers for sure this year or a lovely present to give the kids on birthdays or for doing well in school. 

I found the dolls easy to transform into a bracelet and the pets into a ring. After a few tries it comes naturally and you can change it back and forth without any problems. Harlow found it quite easy too (she's 5) although struggled a little bit with the pets to get them back into pet form however it was easy enough for me to help out if she needed it. I'm sure she'll grasp it better the more practice she has. Overall lovely toys at a decent price and I'm sure Harlow will be asking for more from Santa!

Products have been gifted for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own.


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