15 March 2020

Review: Dreamimals - Dream Pillow & Keychain

Every child at some stage will go through a phase of not wanting to go to bed or making a massive fuss at bed time because they're scared of the dark or don't want to have bad dreams. That's where Dreamimals comes to the rescue. The fabulous dreamimals dream pillow helps to create a comfort zone around bedtime allowing for a calming ritual type routine to help settle your child. It's a cute fluffy pillow complete with accompanying cloud notepad where you write down the good dreams you want to have and then put them inside the pillow before going to bed.

Dreamimals are a great idea and allows your child to take control by writing or drawing their thoughts and dreams that they wish to have. If anything it will definitely help improve and promote positive thinking and visualisation techniques which are great coping strategies when we feel a little worried. The comforting cuddle cushion comes in 4 different styles; Original, Sharkie, Lamby and Pinkie, and it's sure to offer soothing emotional support to whoever needs it.

Harlow received Pinkie to try out, who is a super cute sleeping Koala, and she loves it! Pinkie is of course pink but also fluffy and amazingly super soft. Inside the dreamimals box is not only your chosen pillow friend but a set of instructions, storybook and 60 dream wishes (the cloud notepad). It's simple to use as I've explained above but have your child write their thoughts or good dreams they'd like to have that evening on a dream wishes cloud, take it off and put it inside the cuddle cushion and hey presto! Good sweet dreams will come their way.

I found it an easy concept to grasp and so did Harlow. When I showed her the box and explained what Pinkie was for she got on board straight away and couldn't wait to try it out. We've had Pinkie with us for a month now and it's a firm fixture at bedtime for miss madam. Pinkie even has a special place on her bed during the day when she's at school so that's always a good sign. Harlow recently had some bad dreams and has been worrying a lot about people passing away (I'm sure they all go through a phase of this) but I feel the dream pillow has really helped alleviate some of that anxiety and steered her towards concentrating on having good dreams and happy thoughts.

Dreamimals dream pillows are excellent for cuddling into and I think kids of all ages will love them. I even had a sneaky shot when Harlow wasn't looking, so comfy! They'd make a great travel companion for road trips and plane journeys and I'll definitely be packing Pinkie for our next trip.It would be rude not to. These dreamimals dream pillows retail from £15.99 which is a great price for something that's going to last. And if you like these there's also the day dreamimals keychain (RRP £8.95).

The dreamimals keychains are lovely little mini versions of the bigger pillows and can be clipped to school bags and rucksacks and taken with you wherever you go to promote good positive day dreaming. It uses the same concept as the dream pillows but for day time instead of night time. Excellent for maybe more worried or nervous children who need a comforting boost to add to their day. Harlow loves hers as she can take it to school and show her friends. It also reminds her of happy thinking if she's ever feeling sad.

I would highly recommend both the dream pillow and keychain to anyone looking to give their kids the best chance at a great nights sleep. If you're having problems with your child getting to sleep then this is definitely worth a shot. Harlow struggles at times and I feel this is really helping. We've tried so many things but this is just something really different and so fun.

Both products have been gifted for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own. 

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Tina on 10 July 2020 at 11:45 said...

My girl was strtuggling with nightmares (brought on by Covid) this stopped them completely....how is it we dont all know about this technique when nightmares/terrors are such a massive proble for 3 to 9 YO?????

The Breastest News on 7 November 2020 at 18:54 said...

So glad this stopped them for your little girl Tina :)

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