19 February 2020

Review: Funatic Foam - Good Clean Fun!

Getting the kids to have a bath these days seems harder the older they are! I even wrote a post about it a few years ago as it was beyond frustrating and only a few things would work. So if you're struggling at times like me you'll be so pleased to hear there's another amazing tool you can add to the magic "how to get the kids in the bath" box. Introducing the fabulous Funatic Foam! It's the all new way to keep clean with instant foam in a can. Just the sort of thing to have the kids leaping into the bath.

I surprised my two with a bottle each at bath time the other night and you should have seen their happy little faces. They were super thrilled and couldn't get in the bath quick enough, just what I wanted. Even better, because the foam is actually soap, they wanted to wash themselves leaving me with spare time I never knew I'd get back. Win win!

So what's it all about then? It's basically gorgeously scented foam soap that can spray up to 3 meters. It comes in 3 different scents and colours which include; Blue Bubblegum, Green Apple and Pink Berry. Logan received the apple and Harlow received the berry. I can confirm they both smell amazing and the kids thought so too. The Funatic Foam bottle has an easy to use trigger nozzle allowing even the littlest hands to use it effectively. Harlow is 5 and controlled it no bother, she had so much fun trying to practice her numbers and letters. You'll be pleased to hear Funatic Foam has a no stain formula and I can vouch for this. The kids had it sprayed all up the tiles and over the bath.

Did you know Funatic Foam is great to use outside too. I think it would be awesome in the Summer months for foaming up a slippery slide, creating a cool bubble party or even an alternative to a water fight since it can spray up to 3 meters. Endless fun possibilities and the great thing is the kids will be so clean after it ha ha.

My kids both played with this in the bath for ages with Logan exclaiming it as "the best bath present yet!" so I class that as a winner and a definite purchase in future. At £5.99 a bottle it's a great price considering how much I spend on bath bombs for the kids which are only one use. I'd even buy this as an extra little gift present to go in with the kids friends for birthday parties.

As I mentioned Harlow really enjoyed practicing her letters and numbers with Funatic Foam but she also just enjoyed skooshing it around the bath and cleaning her babies. She loves making potions and this was perfect to aid her in the task of potion master. Boy does that girl love a potion! Logan really enjoyed making little islands on the bath water and he asked me to write his name. The foam fills out so well that Logan said it looked like an alien coming out of the wall. He really did love it. He's now hiding his bottle from his sisters grasp!

Overall I think this stuff is absolutely brilliant. It has a great price point, smells good, encourages the kids to get in the bath and clean themselves, and it's completely stain free. What more could you ask for? If you're interested in purchasing a bottle or two then you'll find it at your nearest Tesco store.

The Funactic Foam was gifted for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own. 

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