13 December 2019

Review: The Magical World of Moji Pops

Back in March 2019 a cute new toy hit the UK shelves, the lovely Moji Pops Series 1! My daughter loves a collectible and she noticed them in the shops straight away. I think our first purchase was a blind bag picked up in a supermarket to keep madam quiet in the trolley ha ha. From then on her love of Moji Pops has grown considerably and we seem to have accumulated quite the collection. Harlow was lucky enough to have been recently sent a fabulous bundle of Moji Pops to review so here's what we thought.

Firstly let me describe to you what Moji Pops actually are. They're small collectible figures made up of everyday objects brought to life as unique, fun-loving characters with an array of colourful emotions based on popular emoticons. From an ice cream to a cactus, a television to a pillow, each 90p blind-bagged character has a removable double-sided face: flip it over to switch between emoticon-based expressions depicting a huge variety of sentiments, or even swap faces completely with another character in the collection.

Kids can choose to switch their character’s mood from sleepy to happy, sad to cool, devilish to angelic – there are six different-coloured face pieces, each with two distinct emotions to alternate between. There are 90 different characters to collect, from the worlds of pets, home, nature, travel, music, food and sport, including six ultra-rare Glitter Moji Pops. We haven't found any glitter Moji Pops yet but miss madam is hopeful.

Harlow particularly enjoyed swapping faces on each character. There is a big variety of emotions to choose from which is great for imaginative play and making up little games as well as expressing emotions. I like that it helps children to recognise different emotions and also introduce them to new ones. We were sent a few different play sets to try out as well as some blind bags and Harlow loved them all. We received the Moji Pops Tree House (RRP £25), Moji Pops Ferris Wheel (RRP £25) and Moji Pops Pool Party (RRP £30).

The Tree House and Ferris Wheel already come fully assembled. You just have to pop everything out of the packaging and you're ready to go. The tree house is super cute and comes with 2 Moji Pops characters (Heggar and Vulfin) who seem to love eating pizza! It looks like a bit of a sleepover tree house as it also comes with little sleep masks for the characters, pizza and pizza box, bowl of popcorn plus table and chairs. Harlow really liked the pizza box because the pizza fits inside it nicely. The tree house itself has some cool features with a rope elevator, swing and telescope to look out at the starts. Lots of imagination play to be had with this set.

The Ferris Wheel is just as awesome and comes with 2 characters, Lony and Icy, who love a bit of ice cream and fairground rides. Also included with this set is a scooter for your characters and some ice cream and candy floss. There's holes in the fair stand to put the ice cream and candy floss in which is a nice touch. The Ferris wheel of course spins around and around and you can put your characters in each pod to have a good old time at the fair.

The Moji Pops Pool Party has to be assembled however it comes with very clear to follow colour instructions so it took all of 5 minutes to make once I got everything out of the box. There's lots of lovely accessories in this pack including; 2 characters, a flamingo rubber ring, 3 cocktails, pool slide, life guard chair plus 2 sun loungers and a table. This set reminded Harlow of her holidays abroad and I think it's her current favourite. The flamingo rubber ring sold it for me, it's super super cute and perfect for any pool party. The pool party set has lots of features with a pool, DJ booth, dance floor, bar area and chill out zone. It really is very cool.

These Moji Pops characters truly love living life to the full! They inhabit a world of sheer enjoyment and the accompanying accessories and toy range aims to bring this world to life, offering hours of role-playing potential for young Moji Pops collectors. Harlow really loves collecting hers and gets very excited when she's treated to a new blind bag. I don't mind buying them either since they're so cheap and it keeps her happy when we go out shopping.

So if you're still looking for some presents for the kids in your life then I'd highly recommend these. They're a nice set to give for Christmas, looks decent and can be added to with the collectible factor and they're reasonably price. In fact I think TheToyShop.com currently has 20% discount on Moji Pops right now so it's worth having a look. Harlow really likes her Moji Pops and the play sets, they're a definite favourite in this house.

We were gifted these items in return for an honest review. All opinions are my own. 

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