8 December 2019

Review: Bandai Foodie Surprise Food Carts and Takeouts

My daughter is quite crafty and loves to do things with her hands. She also loves collectibles and cute little toys so when we were asked to review some of the Bandai Foodie Surprise treats we couldn't say no. Foodie Surprise are a great invention, you basically collect, create, eat and repeat it's that simple and easy to do.

You might be wondering though, exactly what is Foodie Surprise? Is it a collectible? Is it a craft? Is it a sweet? Will it entertain the kids? Well, the answer is YES to all! Foodie Surprise from Bandai is the world’s first sweet making collectible. Each Foodie Surprise comes with everything you need to make yummy gummy sweets in an adorable collectible. The kids will love making their very own DIY gummy treats!

So it's a very cool DIY sweet making kit with cute toys and accessories included. We were sent a couple of their Food Carts to try and there's four to collect – Pizza/ Sushi/ Ice Cream/ Bubble Tea - each cart becomes the mould to create your sweets and each comes with a sweetie storage collectible and at least 10 surprises inside. This is series 1 and there are 4 different themes to collect in 2 colour ways. You can make 12-15 sweets which are not only edible but a super-fun activity for children come rain or shine. It's the perfect treat to make and share with friends.

If you’re not in the mood for some street food then why not grab a Takeout Box. We also received a couple of the Foodie Surprise Takeouts to try which are so sweet. Each mystery takeout contains all the magic ingredients needed for making your own custom candy creations, plus an adorable collectible character for taking your gummies on the go. It’s as easy as A, B, C a) unbox your food cart or take out b) mix the magic ingredients and create your sweets c) eat now or take to go.

Foodie Surprise is the perfect, delicious treat to keep the kids busy or even as an activity for a birthday party - letting their creativity run riot. Harlow totally loved hers. She got so involved in making everything and wanted to do it all by herself. It was simple to do as there's step by step coloured picture instructions so you really can't go wrong.

I really love the Foodie Surprise packaging. It's so fab they've shaped them like take out boxes and they're very colourful and eye catching. On the side of the box for the Food Carts it shows you all the different carts that you can collect (4 different themes in 2 colour ways). In the top right hand corner on the front of the box it also shows you which cart is inside in case you want to pick a specific one.

The first Food Cart that Harlow opened contained the Bubble Tea collectible number #1901-05, it has the pink and green bubble tea cups. We also had all the moulds, equipment, ingredients and instructions we would need to make our gummy treats. The bubble tea cart was very cool. There's lots of little places to store your gummies once made plus it has straws on the side of the cart and the orange slice because a key chain, such a lovely touch. We got busy making our edible bubble tea, Harlow was very good at following instructions and making each mould. Everything turned out really well, better than I actually anticipated so I was very impressed.

The Food Carts retail for £15 each and they'd make such an amazing present. It kept my daughter occupied for a whole morning and stopped her complaining of boredom. She took care to make her treats and when that was done she happily played with the collectibles. I'd definitely recommend the Food Carts, excellent toy with added value.

The Takeouts are just as lovely and retail for £8. There's 20 different Takeouts to collect and again they come with everything you need to make yummy treats plus a Foodie Surprise Takeout collectible. We got the mini bubble tea and mini pizza in ours so decided to try and make some sweet pizza. It was a lot quicker than making the Food Carts treats but still lots of fun. The gummies didn't work out quite as well as the bubble tea but Harlow had lots of fun getting stuck in and she's already asking for more!

I really think these are great toys for kids, I know I would have loved to have had them when I was little. The DIY element is so appealing to children as well as the collectible side and it's great once the sweets are all eaten you still have something to play with afterwards. I can see I'll be popping to the shops to purchase a few of these for Harlow's birthday soon.

The Foodie Surprise items were gifted in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. 

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