11 November 2019

Review: Pomsies Lumies - Rainbow Charged Pom-Pom Pets

My daughter absolutely loves anything to do with rainbows and unicorns so when we received some Pomsies Lumies to test out I knew she would be over the moon to have them. So what are they all about? Lumies are interactive plush pom pom pets that change colour. With a simple tap, Lumies can match any colour and even turn colours into musical beats! There's up to 1,000 possible mixes.

We've been testing out our Lumies for a while now and they really do work perfectly well. They pick up colours using their little clicking sensor button underneath them and it's simple to use. My daughter picked it up instantly and starting running around the house clicking anything that was colourful. It kept her busy for ages. If you think it's time for your Lumie to go to sleep then you simply hold and press their nose for 3 seconds. If you want to wake them up then press their nose again. All very easy for kids to understand.

Pomsies Lumies have over 100 different sounds and phrases, bold hairstyles, sparkly unicorn horns, and heart-shaped faces! Kids will honestly love them, my daughter definitely does. They are like her little friends and she plays with them constantly. They're a good handful size (Dimensions: 9L x 7W x 10H cm) as well so great for smaller hands and of course super colourful and bright. Lumies require 3x AAA batteries to work but these are included which is fab. I love a toy that comes with batteries especially if you're giving as a gift or on Christmas morning!

There's three different Lumies to collect (Sparkle Rush, Pixie Pop and Dazzle GoGo) and they come with their own little hair clip comb to keep their long flowing hair in tip top condition. As well as changing colour, which is pretty cool, these cute Lumies also have different modes to try out. There's "Let's Find Colours" - Lumies wake up craving colours so keep them happy and balanced by feeding them with colour. Listen closely and they'll react differently depending on how they feel and the colours you touch. The next mode is "Let's Mix Some Beats" - Lumies turn colours into beats. The more colours you touch the more crazy fun mixes Lumies create. There are three other modes to try as well which are more games such as "Let's Play Lumie Says" and "Let's Play Colour Chase". My daughter loved trying all of the different modes and found the Lumies very interactive and encouraging to play with.

One thing that's super exciting about these cute critters is that there's over 50 secret sounds hidden inside your Lumie! You can unlock these surprises by touching certain colours in a certain order. How exciting is that.You can discover some over on Pomsies.com so be sure to check it out.

You can find Pomsies Lumies at Smyths Toys Superstores retailing for £19.99 but they are currently reduced which means it's the perfect time to buy and store away for birthdays and Christmas. Better to be organised than miss out! My daughter really does love her Lumies and now wants to buy them for all her friends so I can see us stocking up for birthday gifts.

I was gifted this product in return for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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