2 September 2019

Review: Carlton Kids Books - How To Be A Pro Gamer, Drastic Plastic & Troublesome Trash and YouTube World Records

This month Logan has been sent three totally amazing books to read and review for the lovely Carlton Books. He always looks forward to this delivery as he's such a book worm and can't wait to get stuck in. The books he received are; How To Be A Pro Gamer, Drastic Plastic & Troublesome Trash and YouTube World Records. All fabulous books which totally take his interest. I always think reading for kids should be interesting as it makes it so much more exciting.

We'll start with How To Be A Pro Gamer. Most of you will know Logan is gaming mad and it's not just Fortnite that has him hooked recently. He's branched out into a few different games since attending a gaming championship with his Dad a few weeks ago so this book has become a firm favourite in helping him boost his skills. The book is basically a step-by-step guide to getting into the pro gaming world. It tells you what you need to play, how you need to play it and even how to get signed to a pro team. Logan's very much enjoying this book and has even marked a few pages he wants to read again and study more. It's great to see him so interested. 

Inside the book you'll find interviews and advice from some of the world's biggest eSports players and streamers. Top tips for starting a high-profile Twitch or YouTube stream. Facts, stats and industry secrets about the world of eSports and essential info on the biggest eSports games. It's a great starting guide and a good book to have in your collection. At £7.99 it's a lovely buy for the wannabe pro gamer out there.

Next up is Drastic Plastic & Troublesome Trash. I feel this is such an important subject that we need to educate our children on. They are our future and we need to help take care of the world for them and show them what a difference it can make. Logan has been learning a lot about plastic and recycling in school but having this book and being able to reference it often is definitely helping to hit the message home.

It's a great book that explains all about what the big deal is with rubbish and how you can recycle it. It has some excellent upcycling ideas and tips as well as explaining exactly what happens to the things you throw away and how that affects the world around us. If you're child is into crafts this is great as it shows you how to reuse materials around the home such as glass, plastic, paper and metal. We're currently making light up bottles out of Logan's Dads old glass cider bottles. They look beautiful and will make perfect gifts.

Drastic Plastic & Troublesome Trash is a lovely book and one I'd highly recommend purchasing for kids. It's very educational as well as being fun. It's only £8.99 as well so won't break the bank of Mum and Dad.

Last but not least YouTube World Records. Logan absolutely loves the world record books and has quite the collection now. He also loves a bit of YouTube so combing his two interests have proved amazing for him. The great thing about this book is that it has over 300 QR codes which you can scan with your phone/tablet device and it'll take you straight to the YouTube clip so you can watch it and read about it at the same time. Logan was over the moon when he realised this. He got so excited and we've been scanning the book together at bed time to see all the amazing world records.

I think the QR codes take this book to another level and it's definitely in keeping with the digital age. Great for kids and adults alike I think this has to be one of Logan's favourites to date. It's currently retailing for £16.99 and would make an awesome present or gift if you're feeling generous.

I was sent these books in return for an honest review. All opinions are my own. 

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