17 September 2019

Review: Belmio-Cafe Coffee Pods

It's become increasingly popular to have your own coffee machine at home these days, which means coffee lovers can experience great tasting coffee without leaving the warmth and comfort of their house. Gone are the days when you would have to buy tasty coffee from an artisan cafe. Now you can indulge at a fraction of the cost. The lovely Belmio-Cafe have sent us a selection of their Nespresso compatible coffee pods to try out and I can't wait to tell you what we thought.

Belmio-Cafe's goal is to deliver the highest quality coffees and most ultimate coffee experiences with maximum convenience to the consumers. Their aluminium capsules offer the best protection of the coffee against air, light and humidity, and the Nespresso compatible pod has the same coffee flow as a Nespresso capsule. The first thing that drew me to the brand was indeed the fact that their pods are compatible with existing Nespresso machines. This meant I didn't have to buy another machine to try their coffee, although they do have their own machines available for purchase.

We were sent 5 different coffees to try and they come in a handy cardboard sleeve with 10 pods inside each, so 50 altogether. Each sleeve gives you some information on the coffee inside which is very handy. It tells you the intensity level (from 1 to 12) the roasting flavour (light/medium/dark) and also how it is suitable to drink i.e. lungo, espresso, ristretto etc. For someone who isn't as experienced with coffee as my other half I found this information very handy when serving visiting guests.

Each sleeve of coffee is easy to open as it's very similar to Nespresso, you just pop it at the top and out come the pods. The pods are also similarly shaped with a patented design and fit into my Nespresso machine with no issues. The coffee poured normally and tasted great. My other half was delighted with the coffee and was impressed that it was so much cheaper than Nespresso. He said he would be very happy to purchase these pods in future.

Belmi-Cafe have a handy section on their website to show you which Nespresso machines their coffee pods are compatible with. I have the Citiz which is compatible but so it; Inissia, Magimix, Essenza, Cube, Lattissima, Maestria, Pixie and Kitchen Aid. Do check the website though before ordering to make sure your machine is definitely compatible.

There are lots of different flavours of coffee to try from Belmio-Cafe, we were sent the Belmio Intense Collection which retails at £16.50 for 50 pods. I think this is such a reasonable price and definitely worth trying if you drink a lot of coffee. They also have an organic range to try, as well as specials such as flavoured coffee with chocolate and vanilla hints.

I think these pods are great and will definitely be purchasing some in future. My parents and family members also have Nespresso machines so these would make great gifts to give for special occasions. With such reasonable prices and great tastes I'll be recommending to my coffee lover friends.

I was sent a selection of coffee pods in return for an honest review. All opinions are my own. 

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