27 September 2019

Perfect Gifts for Autistic Kids with Wicked Uncle

With so many more boys and girls (and adults) being diagnosed with autism these days, my son and husband included, I thought I'd put together a little blog post with some perfect gifts for autistic kids. I've been working with Wicked Uncle recently and they honestly have an amazing selection of toys and gifts on their website for children of all ages and abilities. I've selected a few of my favourites which I think would be perfect for children on the spectrum.

I've tried to select gifts that are maybe a bit different but still great and something you wouldn't perhaps have first thought of. So read on to see what you think and do check out the Wicked Uncle website for more brilliant gift ideas.

Kinetic Sand
I know some children struggle with the sensation of sand on their feet and hands but this kinetic sand gives all the feelings and fun without the mess. We have this exact Sandcastle Set and it's great to get you started. It's perfect because it sticks to itself and not to you, flows through your fingers leaving them completely dry, cleans up easily and is wheat, gluten and casein free. This particular set comes with 3 moulds, a scoop and a tray to keep everything in. Kinetic Sand is a great tool for stimulation children's imaginations and just giving such a lovely sensory experience as well, plus it never dries out. We've had our set for a few years now and it's still going strong. I highly recommend this as something different for kids on the spectrum.

Infinity Loop Flow Rings
My son absolutely loves knowing how things work or how things move so he'd definitely be interested in these cool Infinity Loop Flow Rings. I've never come across them before so was really intrigued by what they are and how they work. Luckily Wicked Uncle provide a short video clip on their website beside each toy to show you how it works. I think this is a fantastic idea and helps you make an informed decision to see if the product is suitable for you child. The Infinity Loop Flow Rings are an interactive, mesmerising, kinetic spring that's addictive fun and the latest craze. You basically slip it over your hands and let it flow easily across your arms, creating a captivating bubble of movement. I can just imagine now how much my son would love one of these as he likes to repeat nice soft sensations.

Wicked Uncle describe these rings as "incredibly tactile, will cascade around just about any object and you can even pass it from your arm to a friend. The interlocking flow rings fold flat and pop open, a 3D kinetic spring that can do tricks. Great fun, like a springy slinky for your arm!". It sounds amazing and I'll definitely be getting one for my boy.

Pocket Vortex Howler
Co-ordination isn't always a strong point for kids who have autism however my son has been attending inclusive sports classes to help improve his skills, and he's really enjoying it. One thing they use at his classes is an object very similar to this Pocket Vortex Howler. It's a little bigger so easier to catch but I thought I'd get this as it's smaller for the house and could help put in some extra practice for my son. He's gradually getting better at catching and co-ordinating his moments and his confidence is growing with it. I think this would be great to help him only get better and something a little different for kids on the spectrum to use for play time. Sometimes there's nothing better than throwing a suitable toy back and forward with Mum or Dad.

Ultra Dash
Another fun toy to help with co-ordination is Ultra Dash. It's a game that can be played on it's own or with multiple people. It's very easy to get the gist of as well so straight forward to explain to others. It's an energetic game where you race to match the colour of the flashes on your baton/tagger with the colour of the target. When you place the tagger on the first target, the colour immediately changes to identify the next target. And so on and so forth, so you race around to match the colour before the time runs out.

It's a great form of exercise as well as my son can be quite lazy when he wants to be which isn't good for him. You can design your own course too with the five different coloured targets and choose which game you want to play. Play solo in Beat the Clock, head-to-head in Target Tally or in teams with your friends in Relay Race. With light and sound effects and a timer on the tagger it's enormous fun.

Wicked Uncle have a massive range of sensory toys on their website as well as lots of advice, cool jokes and their very own blog for you to read. These are just a small handful of toys which I think are great for kids on the spectrum but do check out the Wicked Uncle website for lots more ideas and gift options. They can even gift wrap for you taking away that bit of stress.

I received a gift voucher in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. 

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