5 September 2019

Book Review: The Way Home for Wolf by Rachel Bright

Normally all the books in this house get sent to the boy however it's little Harlow who has been lucky enough to receive her very own brand new book through the post this time. She's been sent the very lovely 'The Way Home for Wolf' by Rachel Bright and it's honestly such a heart warming story for little minds.

So lets dive right in and find out what the story's all about. It's a tale of friendship, set in the snowy Arctic, of a stubborn wolf cub, Wilf, who doesn't want help from anyone. Whatever it is he can do it himself, he doesn't need his family or friends. Ha, this reminds me of someone in our family who is very independent!! The trouble is when Wilf finds himself lost and alone in the chilly Arctic night he discovers something very important. Sometimes we all need the helping hand of a friend to get us by.

I totally loved reading this story to Harlow at bed time and she loved it just as equally or maybe even a tiny but more. It's such a feel good picture book crammed with stunning illustrations which capture the imagination. I also love that it has such an important message that friendships do matter and we just sometimes need to let friends do their thing and help us out. Gives you a warm fuzzy feeling inside doesn't it.

Another great thing about this book is that it rhymes! Oh how I love reading a rhyming story to my kids at bed time. Stories like this never get old and they're always loads more fun to read. I feel it also helps kids remember the story all that bit more.

Harlow got right into the story and became so concerned when Wilf got lost and jumped with joy when his friends found him and showed him the way home. Her interest and investment in the story was beautiful. She's been asking to read it every night ever since we received it.

The Way Home for Wolf is the forth book in the series by Rachel Bright and illustrator Jim Field. There's also The Lion Inside, The Koala Who Could and The Squirrels Who Squabbled. They all look like such fab books and ones we'll need to add to our home library. The paperback is out now so definitely add it to your list of must have children's books.

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