14 August 2019

BRICKLIVE Ocean at Edinburgh Zoo

The school Summer holidays are slowly coming to an end but that doesn’t mean the fun and exploring has to stop. We were invited along to Edinburgh Zoo recently to check out their amazing new BRICKLIVE Ocean animal sculptures and they’re absolutely fantastic. It’s a world exclusive display with over 30 life-sized sculptures made out of over one million Lego bricks, including a killer whale, a hammerhead shark, a giant squid, an octopus and much more.

It’s the first ever showing of BRICKLIVE Ocean, which is currently running until 17th September and is included in your entry ticket price so nothing extra to pay. These amazing sculptures form a trail around the Zoo featuring lots of interactive experiences, including a Lego brick pit and the chance to make Lego models, and telling the story of the threats faced by our magnificent marine life.

When you get your entry ticket from the Zoo’s reception you also get a lovely BRICKLIVE Ocean map so you can see where all the fabulous sculptures are located throughout the park. I really liked this as it helped to plan our day out and the kids got to pick which sculptutes they most definitely wanted to see.

As well as the BRICKLIVE Ocean event the Giant Pandas have a new habitat which is really nice to see and one of the Koala’s has a little joey at the moment. It’s so very cute and sweet and really worth a visit. The Rockhopper Penguin chicks are being born too so there’s loads of them bobbing around which is great as there’s a Rocky’s Road family trail on the BRICKLIVE Ocean map. You’ve to see if you can spot all 10 Rockhopper Lego penguins on the trail, great for the kids.

The family and I really enjoyed feeding the Lorikeets as well. This is new to the zoo and a brilliant experience not to be missed. The Lorikeets are a type of parrot who feed on the nectar of varies blossoms and soft fruits and you can buy a little pot of nectar for £1 from the keeper inside the enclosure. It’s like walking around in a bird aviary but you have your pot of nectar and if you hold it close to the Lorikeets they’ll start to eat from it. Highly recommend doing this as they’re cute little birds with lots of personality.

Logan loved the BRICKLIVE tent where there was a massive pit of Lego so lots of building going on there. You’ve to try and create a new creature, take a photo and email it to the zoo and you could win a prize. There’s also the chance to win a family pass to the zoo if you enter the competition on the bottom of the BRICKLIVE Ocean map. It’s worth a go I think.

I really liked seeing all the ocean animal sculptures and reading about them. It was fascinating to see how many people built each one, plus the hours taken and the amount of brick used. Some took 550hrs and thousands of bricks to complete. One of the little spider crabs took 1 person 100 hours and 7,000 bricks until it was finished. Totally amazing work, well done. I also liked that a fact was given on each ocean creature and a bar code to scan with your phone to see how you could help. Nice and interactive for adults and children.

So much has changed at the zoo since our last visit and we all had a great time. The play parks have been much improved, there’s different interactions and experiences to try and the whole family had such a lovely time. We even had lunch in the restaurant and the homemade pizza was amazing! The BRICKLIVE Ocean sculptures are beautiful and I’d recommend you pop along to see them before 17th September because after that they’ll be gone. Remember you can book your Edinburgh Zoo tickets online to save 10% off on the door tickets.

Our entry to the zoo was free in return for an honest review. All opinions are my own. 

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Susan Mann on 15 August 2019 at 16:51 said...

I do love Edinburgh zoo and this looks like a great addition xx

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