15 August 2019

Breastfeeding After A Spray Tan

Having a beauty regime is ever popular these days and it certainly doesn’t have to stop when you have a baby but it’s always good to know what is safe or what to look out for and that’s why Tropicoco Salon in Glasgow have asked me to talk about breastfeeding after a spray tan. It’s a brilliant topic and I’m delighted to share some info on it for you all.

So as a beginner guide all the Tropicoco Salon tans are pregnancy safe which is great however the Vita Liberata tan is especially more so as it’s entirely fragrance free (the others are not). It’s worth noting that beauty, massage and hair treatments should be avoided in the first trimester though as no clinical testing has been undertaken in this area. Better safe than sorry I say. As well as this sunbeds should be avoided as some studies have shown links between UV rays and the suggestion of folic acid deficiency which can result in Spina Bifida for the baby.

When it comes to breastfeeding and spray tans it’s been advised that the rapid tan is best because you can wash off the ‘colour guide’ the same day that it is applied. Originally developed for individuals who cannot make it into the salon on a week day due to work or have childcare needs, the rapid tan sounds perfect for breastfeeding mothers. Depending on the colour of tan you receive you can wash it off within 1-2 hours. The darker the tan the longer you have to wait but 3-4 hours is the maximum. In case you are curious the colour guide is the added bronzer to allow spray tan therapists to see what they are doing during application.

Spray tans are derived from organic plant sources such as sugar beets and sugar canes and this is what reacts with the amino acids in the skin turning them brown. Rapid spray tans have a higher amount of sugars inside them, meaning they turn the surface layer of the skin brown in just one hour, getting darker as time goes on. So they still develop like a normal tan.

I think it’s great that you can wash the tan off so quickly, especially as a previous breastfeeding mother myself, as I would have hated to be feeding my daughter and get her poor little face covered in tan!! You may have seen a news article about someone having this happen to them a few years back, wee shame for the baby. Luckily it’s not harmful but I bet it took a while to fade. The quick washing time is also good as breastfed babies vary with their feeding times. If you’re baby is like my daughter she basically fed on demand but could wait a couple of hours for her next feed if I wasn’t around. Whereas having a 9 hour developing spray tan (that’s a normal spray tan) just wouldn’t cut it.

If for some reason you can’t do the rapid tan then it’s always best to bring some spare breast pads and sticky tape so you can keep your breasts tan free for baby. It’s good to have options and great that you can still have the tan you want and continue to breastfeed. For more information and treatments do check out the Tropicoco Salon website for details.

This is a collaborative post. All opinions are my own. 

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