2 July 2019

Review: Carlton Books - Minecraft, Sherlock Holmes & My STEM Day

Last month Logan received a bumper bundle of books from the lovely Carlton Books to review. As always he's one lucky boy and the books delivered are right up his street. He received; Reign of Terror (Minecraft Graphic Novel), Solve It With Sherlock Holmes (puzzle book) and the four My STEM Day books (science, technology, engineering and mathematics). He started with his favourite, Reign of Terror, as he really likes to play Minecraft on his playstation so he got stuck right in.

Reign of Terror is an epic graphic novel adventure in a Minecraft world. It's an independent and unofficial but that doesn't make it any less exciting to read. It's based on the saga from YouTube sensation Rainimator. The book tells the story of the monstrously evil Herobrine who brings his unstoppable zombie army to cause chaos and destruction. There are only a few who can stop him but they're going to need a lot of luck and some unexpected allies.

The book is filled with lots of lovely pictures and short snippets of text, like a comic book, which helped to keep Logan interested and engaged. He basically read this book cover to cover instantly and started reading it again. I can tell it'll be a firm favourite on his book shelf. Reign of Terror costs £7.99 and is well worth a purchase for those Minecraft fans out there. It would make an excellent gift as well.

Solve It With Sherlock Holmes is a puzzle based book where you have to crack the puzzles to solve thrilling mysteries! Become a super sleuth and use your powers of deduction to solver over 35 logic puzzles with Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson. Each page has some weird and wonderful puzzles to complete and even I found myself getting involved. It's definitely a brain food book and gets the old cogs working, great for kids as their young minds are like sponges. Logan loves a puzzle or two and this got his juices flowing. It kept him entertained and quiet on our recent trip and meant he didn't moan of being bored, as he so often does.

This book retails for £8.99 and it's money well spent to give your child hours of fun brain-busting puzzles to solve. Some of Logan's favourite puzzles included The Diamon Box where you had to crack the three digit code, Holme's Dominoes where you have to fill in the blanks to create a continuous loop of dominoes and A Question of Rooms where you locate the area the fitness saw the theft. All very exciting and brilliant puzzles.

There are four books in the My STEM Day collection and they're all lovely. Logan started with the Technology book as he loves it. Technology explains everything about the gadgets and machines you come across in everyday life. Taking you from waking up in the morning through to the last thing at night, you'll find out how technology powers many of the interactions of the average day. Plus there are a host of experiments, projects and activities to try - making technology learning fun.

Engineering is much on a similar level and help you discover how engineering powers everything from the journey to school to your night-time bath, and everything in between.There are tons of experiments, projects and activities for readers to try themselves, and every page is filled with amazing original illustrations which explain engineering concepts in a fun and accessible way.

Science is the same. Why do ice lollies melt? How do your lungs work? How do you digest your lunch? With the help of dynamic illustrations and fun activities, My STEM Day Science takes you through the day and explain how incredible science underpins everything you do. Starting in the morning and working through the day, you'll find out how science lies behind so many everyday tasks and objects. Logan really enjoyed this one as he's always fascinated by science and why things work the way they do.

Logan is really good at math but hates actually putting pen to paper in school so this My STEM Day Mathematics book really helped put a fun spin on it for him. I really liked it as it uses math in every day situations like telling the time, money, volume while taking a bath etc. It just makes it a lot more relateable than doing boring sums in school.

Each of the My STEM Day books retail for £7.99 and they are honestly great to have at home for school aged children looking to further develop their understanding of the world around them. I like that they're interactive as well with activities and experiments so not just another book to sit on a shelf.

Logan really enjoyed all of these books with Reign of Terror probably his favourite which doesn't surprise me at all because he loves Minecraft. Carlton Books have lots more child friendly titles on their website so please do check them out. A lot of the books are unusual and heaps of fun to have in your collection.

Logan was sent these books in return for an honest review. All opinions are my own.  

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