28 July 2019

Become a Super Sleuth with Thames & Kosmos Detective Kits for Kids

My son absolutely loves a good detective kit. Anything to do with solving a mystery and following the clues and he's there. His imagination runs wild and it keeps him happy for ages. He was lucky enough to be sent the new Master Detective Toolkit from Thames & Kosmos. It's a lovely kit bursting with activities which helps you learn about how detectives use forensic science to answer questions, gather evidence and solve crimes. It's aimed at ages 8+ and costs £36.

The toolkit encourages the user to "experiment with equipment and techniques used by real detectives to develop your own observation and problem-solving skills. First, you will set up your detective’s office and organise your tools. Then, you will do some exercises to hone your observation skills. Next, you will learn about securing a crime scene, and gathering and documenting evidence, including fingerprints, footprints, and tyre tracks. After you have gathered evidence, such as hair and fibres, counterfeit currency, and soil samples, you will head back to the lab to learn about analysing it. Finally, you can try your hand at deciphering codes, writing messages with invisible ink, and communicating with secret symbols. As your detective skills develop, you can use them to solve the mock crime presented in the manual.

The 32-page, full-colour experiment book guides your investigations with rich illustrations and step-by-step instructions. This is an inventive, engaging way to learn real science through roleplaying in imaginary adventures."

There are loads of different activities to be had in this kit and my son couldn't wait to get stuck in. He gravitated towards the ultraviolet light first (you need a AAA battery for this). He was intrigued to discover that you could write secret messages and only uncover them with the ultraviolet light. He spent a good while just using this over and over again. He turned his bedroom into a crime scene with the Do Not Cross barrier tape and suspected his Dad had committed some crime so took his finger prints.

The guide book is brilliant and explains everything. My son loves to ask a million questions and the guide really helped to answer lots without me having to google anything. Other items included in the kit are; sticker sheet, fingerprint stickers, fingerprint powder, invisible ink pen, plaster powder, wooden spatula, sheet of profile cards, plastic bag, magnifying glass, measuring tape, measuring cup, petri dish with lid, brush, forceps, screw-top tube, screw-top canister, blue chalk, red chalk, die-cut cardboard, ink pad and crime scene notepad.

Logan really enjoyed playing with his kit. A lot of the activities he could do himself but some of them he needed help with like taking a cast of a footprint. We haven't managed to complete every activity in the guide book however that just means there's things he can go back to to keep him busy when he gets bored during the holidays. It's nice to have something to do on a rainy day other than watching TV or playing computer games.

As well as the Master Detective Toolkit, Thames & Kosmos have other cool gadgets available to interest your kids. There's a cool Alarm System, Listening Spy, Cryptex, Multispy and UV Light Code - all £9.99. All can be seen on their website and can be purchased from Smyths Toys Superstores.

This product has been gifted in return or an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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