12 June 2019

Father's Day Fun in Edinburgh with Moonpig

Last month my Dad and I attended a fabulous Father's Day event with Moonpig in Edinburgh. And since Father's Day is this weekend I thought I'd share with you some beautiful photos of the event taken by the lovely Elouisa - www.elouisageorgiou.co.uk. She can also be found on Instagram. The photos are just lovely and tell the story of the whole day so beautifully.

Upon arrival my Dad and I were treated to some lovely drinks. The Cannon Ball Restaurant & Bar on Castlehill had every type of drink imaginable. I was driving so I went with a lemonade and my Dad had a beer recommended to him by the barman. We listened to a lovely presentation by the Moonpig ladies then were whisked away to our first treat - card making.

They had a big green screen where we could pose to our hearts content then have those images put onto a card. It was loads of fun and gave us all a right laugh. Our finished article was the below image, my Dad and I riding elephants in Africa! Hilarious. There was so many to choose from, wild west wanted posters, princess castles and fancy cars. Something to suit everyone. Just like the Moonpig website, a card to suit all occasions.

Next up was some very fabulous lunch and then it was on to cocktail making with Edinburgh Gin. I'm hopeless at making cocktails but even I managed to make something tasty. I had a little sip and can confirm it was delicious. We got to make two cocktails each and the Edinburgh Gin man was very knowledgeable.

After that is was onto oyster shucking! I've never shucked an oyster before but when I was little my Dad would go out diving and bring home lots of crabs, lobsters and scallops and I would watch him cut open the scallops with fascination. The oysters were so fresh and tasty and most people had a go at shucking them even if they didn't eat them. All the more for me and my Dad ha ha.

It wasn't long before we had to leave and we got given a lovely box full of goodies to take home each. My Dad and I had a fantastic day thanks to Moonpig and he can't wait to come out with me again on another blogging adventure!

This is a collaborative post. All opinions are my own.

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