29 May 2019

Superhero Takeover at Blair Drummond Safari Park

If you're like me and always looking for new and exciting things to entertain the kids then Blair Drummond Safari Park really is the place to be. We were invited along at the weekend to experience their fabulous Superhero Takeover event and it didn't disappoint. All of the extra activities that the safari park put on are totally FREE! As if there's not enough for the kids to do (and adults) they get more to experience just for turning up. Superhero laser tag, parkour, avenger trail plus games and activities were all included in the normal entry price. It's brilliant and all the lovely events that Blair Drummond put on mean there's always something different to do time and time again.

So what did we get up to on our visit? Well first up was the Superhero laser tag! Logan heard this being mentioned so we had to investigate first. The lovely company, Wee Heroes, provided an amazing laser tag experience for the kids and us big kids too. You get suited up in a special vest and handset that you hold and strap snugly to your hand then you're ready to go. You can choose which superhero you'd like to be which Logan loved. He was given Wolverine before he even had the chance to pick but loved it as that's who he's named after. It was perfect. I was Wonder Woman, the husband was Batman and I honestly can't remember who Harlow was! We got split into teams (red team and blue team) and had a safety briefing before the game started. The hand held laser machines work really well and are very accurate so Logan was loving it. There was also different skills you could choose and forms of attack so as you can imagine Logan had about 5 or 6 shots of laser tag and kept wanting to go back for more. When us adults were puffed out he just went in with other kids so was quite happy.

Running around the park where performers from Access Parkour who were dressed up as Spiderman, Deadpool etc. They were funny to watch, jumping, running and climbing around the safari park and being amazing with the kids. They also had parkour workshops taking place at the Superhero HQ (next to the laser tag) so that was fun for the kids to take part in. Speaking of the Superhero HQ, this was full of different games and activities for the kids to get involved with. There were superheroes running around, photo opportunities, laser string maze, endangered animal stand with lots of info and Thor's hammer where you could test your strength and see if you were worthy.

Blair Drummond Safari Park also had the Avenger trail and a leaflet to go with it. Follow the clues on the leaflet to find the superhero letters around the park and unscramble the password. You then handed your completed leaflet to a member of staff at Superhero HQ for a small prize. It's a fun activity and a great way to help the kids explore the park. And as well as all of this you've got the actual safari to drive round. Graeme the rhino was very entertaining, running around at some speed! I got a bit scared, ha ha.

For the first time ever we watched the birds of prey display and it was amazing! I'm actually sad it's taken us so long to see it. The birds were brilliant and so good at showing off their skills. Harlow loved it and was laughing with pure joy, we'll definitely have to go back and see it again. We visited the restaurant for lunch too and had some tasty dishes. It was macaroni cheese for the kids, a chicken burger for me and a huge cheese burger for the husband. We polished it off as it tasted so good.

It really was a fun family day out and even though it rained it didn't stop us having fun. We'll hopefully be back again soon as I'm sure there's still more to see and discover. Keep checking the Blair Drummond Safari Park website and social media pages for details and more information on upcoming events. I think their next one is World Oceans Weekend from 8th June which sounds really interesting.

We received free entry to the park in return for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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