22 April 2019

Review: Carlton Books - The Ultimate Pokemon Trainer's Guide & Take A Stand!

This month Logan received two lovely books from Carlton Books to review. The Ultimate Pokemon Trainer's Guide and Take A Stand! Both are fabulous books but the Pokemon one takes me back to my youth. When I was in primary school is when my obsession with Pokemon began. I remember a friend showing me the game on his gameboy and I was hooked. My interest gradually faded when at high school however I still have all of my Pokemon collection and it was great to sit and read this book together with Logan.

The Ultimate Pokemon Trainer's Guide is packed full of fun and interesting information as well as stats for every Pokemon.It's an unofficial guide but well worth a purchase for those Pokemon fans in your house. Inside you'll find Pokemon reviews, toys, card games, movies, facts and tips. It has every single 800+ Pokemon including strengths, weaknesses and combat stats. It's a fabulous Pokemon encyclopedia.

This book has 64 pages of Pokemon magic and retails at £7.99. Logan loved his copy. He's read it cover to cover several times and it sits proudly in his bookcase. He loved reading about the Pokemon games and asking me if I had played them. When I told him I still had some his little eyes lit up. His favourite part of the book had to be the Pokemon stats. He made me google each Pokemon so he could see more and was intrigued by their evolution stages. Honestly a lovely book to have in your collection.

Take A Stand! is another brilliant book. It's an inspirational fill-in book about your heroes and you. This gorgeously illustrated keepsake book will help young modern rebels find their inner hero. It's full of quotes and stories from the likes of Spartacus, Gandhi and Stephen Hawking to JK Rowling and Anne Frank. Young readers can find out what their heroes would do in a range of challenging every day situations such as peer pressure, bullying, anxiety, school work and more. It really is a great read.

I love the fact that this book has lots of sections for your child to fill in as well. It has areas to reflect on each situation and how they might react. Places to write about family and friends as well as a lovely calendar at the back. It'll definitely keep your child occupied for a while and it's a book they can go back to constantly. Like a sort of reflection diary.

This book has 80 fantastic pages and retails for £8.99. Logan really enjoyed reading about all the heroes stories. He found Spartacus particularly fascinating and how his fellow soldiers and friends protected him by not handing him over to the Romans. I found this book a fascinating read myself, I always think every day is a school day so it's lovely to learn some new facts.

Both books would make excellent gifts and I'm sure the recipient would be very happy to receive one. Do check out the Carlton Books website for more information and other brilliant books.

I was sent these books in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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