26 March 2019

Review: The Unicorn Creativity Book & The Spectacular Journey into Space

Children's books are forever changing and adapting to the imaginations of their young audience and it always makes me smile. I feel the more colourful and unusual a book is the more chance of a child picking it up to investigate. My kids were luckily enough to receive some beautiful new titles from Carltons Books and they really do stand out from the crowd.

First up is Logan's book - The Spectacular Journey into Space! Logan is currently studying space at school, which he loves, so this book definitely jumped out at him. It has a gorgeously finished cover with a textured feel, this appeals to Logan's sensory needs, and has lots of images depicting space. The book promises to turn into an "out-of-this-world work of art" and as you can imagine this had Logan desperate to explore the possibilities held within each page.

This book has 64 pages crammed full of spacetastic facts and retails for £12.99. I was intrigued to discover what would make it a work of art but it turns out that the images on each page have press-out sections which is rather cool. It means each picture pops out at you and looks so much more interesting, especially for kids. Logan really enjoyed doing this and now happily flips through the book searching for his favourite facts and pictures.

There's so much to learn about space from this book. Did you know that Russian astronauts are actually called cosmonauts? Me neither, but now you do. There are also dwarf planets called Ceres, Eris, Makemake and Haumae. It's all very interesting and a lot of it I didn't even know! I'll be stealing this book for a good read when Logan's finished with it. He does like to re-read his books a lot so might take a while.

Logan was also very kindly sent two other books for his collection. The Dino Record Breakers and What Are You Looking At? Both books are again packed full of facts and are more sort of ring bound flip style books. Logan loved them so I'd highly recommend.

Next up is Harlow's book - The Unicorn Creativity Book. As you can imagine it encompasses all things unicorn and is filled with boredom busting activities including; colouring, drawing, puzzles, fill-in stories, games and much more. There's opportunities to make your own unicorn mask, read some unicorn jokes and there's even a beautiful fold out sticker scene at the back of the book which can be filled with mythical creatures. There's 150 reusable stickers so plenty to keep little ones busy.

This book has 80 unicorn themed pages and retails for £9.99. It's the perfect book for taking on your family travels. It's not heavy so totally portable and would fit into a back pack no bother. It's the sort of book I like to take with us on a long plane journey to keep miss madam chops quiet and entertained. It really is a fabulous book and would make a great little gift as well.

Harlow is a massive fan of unicorns so completely adores this book. It's got so many activities that she hasn't managed to do them all yet. We're keeping the rest for our next holiday. It'll be something nice to do together which will keep her busy.

I was sent these books in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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