14 December 2018

Gift Ideas for the Whole Family This Christmas

I'm always looking for something different and unusual to give at Christmas and something that will actually be used and not thrown away into the pile of obis never to be touched again. So if you have a bit of a geeky gaming family like mine then you'll want to take note of these cool amazing Christmas gifts from Paladone. Honestly you won't regret reading this, I promise.

For Mum - Niffler Trinket Dish 3D
Now I normally have a lot of jewellery hanging around that I cannot be bothered to put away in the correct box all the time so this super cute Niffler Trinket Dish would be absolutely perfect for my Christmas. For anyone who's watched the movie, Fantastic Beasts, I really think the little Niffler's steal the show. I wish they were real! The trinket dish is bigger than expected at 12 x 13 x 11cm which just means you can fit more on it. It's also a very reasonable £12.99 and can be purchased directly from Amazon.

For Dad - SEGA Smartphone Controller
Kids of the 80s/90s will remember the awesome Sega Mega Drive and the hours of fun had playing Sonic and Golden Axe! Those were the days. So why not treat your Dad to this cool Sega Smartphone Controller for Android. It has 19 games included (with Sonic of course) and is easy to set up and get going. It's currently only £19.99 on Amazon saving you some pennies.

For the Son - GameBoy Watch
We're big watch lovers in this family and sometimes it's great to have a novelty watch in your collection now and again so this cool GameBoy Watch would be perfect. It's small enough for kids to comfortably wear but not too small that it looks silly on an adults wrist. It has the original grey gameboy shape and really is just awesome. It of course has a digital face and also tells you which day of the week you're on. Very handy for the kids or confused adults. Adulting is hard btw! It's currently priced at £14.97 on Amazon so get in there quick.

For the Daughter - Harry Potter Egg Cup
Harry Potter is one of our favourite movies in this house and we happily watch them over and over again. My daughter is a bit young for the films but not for all the cute merchandise. She loves an egg for her breakfast in the morning so this sweet Harry Potter Egg Cup and Toast Cutter Set will have her jumping for joy. I can just see her using it loads. Dressing up her egg before munching down, she'll be one happy girl. These retail for around £8.99 but you can always find a bargain on Amazon!

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