5 September 2018

Dreaming of Retirement at 50

I know I'm still a young spring chicken (mostly) but it's never too early to think long term about my retirement plan. I've always had the dream of retiring early and enjoying my life when I'm still young enough to do so. It's one of the reasons why I decided to have children at a young age so I'll still be around, hopefully, when they're adults.

There's so many questions when it comes to retiring; what age is the right age? What will I do with myself? Should I still work part time? Shall I do a once in a lifetime travel trip? So many things to think about so I'm going to tell you what I'd love to do with my life if I manage to retire at the prime young age of 50.

In the past few years I've found a real love for volunteering, basically giving my time to charities for free. I've volunteered at food banks, homeless charities and even helping to dig up and landscape gardens. It's so nice to help out and give something to those who really need our help. It's hard to do it all at the moment but when I retire I'll have a lot more time on my hands and the kids will be older as well. Hopefully I'll get a regular slot at a local charity.

Experience The World
Travelling with my two kids at the moment involves mostly package holidays as it's just so much easier for us as a family. When I retire though I'd love to travel the world to more unusual places and definitely visit some of the wonders of the world. I could start with the 7 wonders and see how I get on from there.

Be a Granny
Maybe by the time I'm 50 I'll be a Granny!! Scary thought indeed but I'd love to help and support my kids with any granchildren that come along. I know how hard it is looking after my two so all the help and support I can give would put a smile on my face.

Ladies That Lunch
The absolute luxury to sit and have lunch with friends and family sounds amazing! A wee afternoon tea with champagne wouldn't go a miss either. I love going out to eat but don't do it often with the crazy kids but I'm definitely going to take advantage when I retire.

Sounds simple but I don't often get the time to sit and relax. I'm always running around after the kids, the husband or the dogs ha ha so I'll be taking some time back just for me. I have visions of sitting with a good book and a hot cup of tea taking in the world as it goes by.

These are some of the things I hope to achieve when I retire. It's not an exhaustive list but definitely some top priorities in there because life after 50 doesn't stop, it only gets better. I'd love to hear what you would like to do when you retire? Please do leave me a comment below.

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