12 August 2018

Behind the Scenes with Deep Sea World near Edinburgh

The other week I was invited along to a behind the scenes tour by the lovely people from Deep Sea World. A few other bloggers were there as well so it was a nice catch up in an amazing venue. I hadn't been to visit for years and was really excited to go back and see what it was like and if anything had changed. I remember going as a child with my family back in the day and even for my birthday one year with a few friends. The fact that I'd get to be there when it was after hours too was exciting as it meant no crowds. I honestly couldn't wait!

Upon arrival I was greeted by the host, the lovely Fraser, and handed a few information leaflets before being led onto the first exhibit. It was a stop off at the seahorse tank were we got to watch them being fed, which was magical by the way, whilst a member of the team told us in detail some interesting information and facts on seahorse life. I personally really enjoyed this as normally seahorses can be quite slow and docile animals but when they were being fed they swam around like crazy trying to catch the food. It was brilliant to see with my own eyes.

Everyone got to look around for a bit with members of the Deep Sea World team on hand to answer any questions we had. These guys seriously know their stuff and are full of knowledge so if you ever visit be sure to ask as many questions as your heart desires. It really is a fun learning experience.Whilst we were looking around it was lovely to learn more about the snapping turtle, cave fish, piranhas and even their new octopus.

Before long it was time to venture into the shark tunnel. This has to be one of my favourite places to visit ever! It's just so peaceful jumping onto the moving walkway and being slowly taken around as if you're under the water watching all of the fish and sharks swimming above your head. I've taken the kids a few times now since this visit and we spend a lot of time in this shark tunnel going round and round. Highly recommend you pay it a visit soon.

After this we got to see the resident seals being fed. Laura is my fav and my complete spirit animal. She's a bit of a lazy bones and will only move when there's food around haha. She speaks to my soul. As well as Laura there are her two brothers sharing the pool. They're more into swimming than she is so it was great to watch them propelling through the water with ease. You get to see the seals up really close so this would be an excellent even to take the kids to. Deep Sea World have a schedule of daily talks and feeds which they provide in an information leaflet when you arrive so be sure to grab one and take note. Don't miss out on the good stuff.

We then got to have a bite to eat and some refreshments before going behind the scenes into the quarantine room. This was really interesting as it showed where they keep the baby fish newly hatched and also any animals that need time to adjust to their new surroundings before being let loose into the big tanks. You also got to see above the shark tunnel which was awesome and trust me when I say the sharks look a lot bigger from above than when you see them in the tunnel!! Did you know you can also go diving with the sharks at Deep Sea World? They have specific packages that suit a variety of ages and experiences from as young as 8 years old. Needless to say my son is desperate to dive with the sharks! Maybe I'll get it as a birthday treat.

During the summer school holidays Deep Sea World also have a separate exhibition on each year and this year was Bare Bones. It's a chance to see your favourite animals like never before and as you might have guessed from the name it's all about skeletons. This exhibit was fascinating, I personally like seeing the skeleton of the snake and Thornback ray, totally amazing.

Like I said I've been back a few times since this visit with the kids and Logan and I recently visited the Prehistoric Event which is located in the shark classroom. It's a chance to dig for your very own fossil and oh my days Logan loved it. We spent ages chatting to Neil, who is a fountain of knowledge btw, and Logan found his very own 55 million year old shark tooth! To say he was excited was an understatement. He's currently obsessed with Megalodon and the tooth he found comes from Megalodon's ancestor. He really eas so chuffed. I personally loved all of Neil's stories and could have stayed for hours but other people had to have a turn so we went back to the shark tunnel.

I really can't recommend Deep Sea World enough as a fab family place to visit. There's always something new and exciting to see with animal talks and feeds as well as handling sessions and exciting events throughout the year. We'll definitely be back for our next visit soon.

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I was invited along to Deep Sea World to enjoy a behind the scenes tour. I wasn't asked for anything in return but I wanted to write a post as I really love the place. All opinions are my own.

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