8 July 2018

Review: Strictly Briks Brik Tower

I'm always looking for new ways to keep the kids busy and occupied with their little hands. It means they're less likely to use them on each other! Recently I've noticed we seem to have an abundance of Lego in the house but not many toys or accessories which we can use to play along side it. This is where Strictly Briks comes in. They provide a wonderful assortment of accessories compatible with Lego, Mega Bloks, Tyco, PixelBlocks, KRE-O, or K'NEX Bricks etc which gives tons of opportunity for exciting play.

The kids were recently sent some of their lovely products to try out and when they spotted the Strictly Briks Baseplates plus stackers they couldn't wait to get stuck in. The particular pack we were sent contained 6 baseplates and 50 stackers. Each baseplate measures 10”x 10” so a decent sized square. The first thing the kids did was build a tower with the baseplates and stackers. It reminded me of a multistory car park and Harlow filled up each section with Lego and a different array of toys.

Logan was really impressed with the size of the tower and thought it was great he could lounge on the sofa and play at the same time. Both the kids found it easy to stick Lego bricks and figures to the baseplates and loved using other toys on it as well, especially Harlow. She really enjoyed placing lots of her little toys on the Brik Tower.

The baseplates and stackers pack we were sent retails for £21.99 on Amazon at present and if you like the look of the Strictly Briks products there's a whole host of sets to choose from. There's rainbow plates and stackers, a basic briks bag, circle and half circle base plates, road base plates, there's clear base plates etc. The list really does go on. A quick search on Amazon and you'll be able to see what's available. The good thing about Strictly Briks is that all of their products promote creativity and learning through building so the fun never stops.

These stackable baseplates make building vertically quick and easy and take creative building to the next level. Overall myself and the kids found this Strictly Briks product very sturdy and easy to use. For the price it's a decent add on to any Lego, Mega Bloks, Tyco, PixelBlocks, KRE-O, or K'NEX Bricks type products and definitely adds another dimension to the type of play.

We were sent this product in return for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

5 comments on "Review: Strictly Briks Brik Tower"

Unknown on 16 July 2018 at 16:09 said...

Very hands on! Great idea for kids, lots of problem solving.

Awdures on 16 July 2018 at 22:10 said...

I used to play these when I was younger! They’re awesome!

The Coastal Mummy on 17 July 2018 at 20:07 said...

I have never seen anything like this before! It looks so much fun x

Mimiroseandme on 17 July 2018 at 20:30 said...

Oh this looks like a fantastic idea for little ones.

Babies and Beauty on 19 July 2018 at 23:14 said...

Oh my eldest would love this, he'd be popping all his little lego creations on it!

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