4 July 2018

Celebrating 3 Years of Breastfeeding

In January of this year I finally stopped breastfeeding my daughter. She’d just turned 3 and her little teeth were getting a bit too much for me so I decided it was time to stop and finish our journey. I felt quite sad about it all but also had a sense of achievement around it too. I never intended to breastfeed for so long but it some how just happened. It’s probably down to the eagerness and strong will of my toddler and me being a lazy bum and letting it continue. She was happy though and I wasn’t at all bothered that we were still going so all was fine.

As I said I stopped shortly after her birthday in January. I was dreading the bed time meltdowns of not having the boob however she’s actually been ok. A couple of times she’s cried to be breastfed but a quick cuddle and some kisses has made everything better. The only issue now is a new bed time routine. Before it would be a snuggle down to feed on mummy and daddy’s bed before one of us lifted her into her own bed for the night. This was fine as it worked but with no longer feeding it needed to change slightly.

So now after Harlow puts her pjs on it’s straight to her bed with at least 3 stories before the lights go out and she makes us sing her some songs. Usually wheels on the bus and incy wincy spider. For a while she was happy with this and would go straight to sleep but now she wants us to lay down beside her in her bed. If the other half or I don’t do this is seems to be a complete battle and crying fit for the whole night! That worked for a while but now nothing really works. I’m being a completely bad mum and giving her the iPad to watch Moana or Frozen for a little while and that usually sends her to sleep. I’m not sure if the lighter nights are making bed time more difficult as well. Let’s be honest, it’s not dark at all is it. Even with black out blinds and curtains it’s just not keeping all the light out. If you have any tips for bed time then do send them my way as they’ll be much appreciated. You think you have the bed time routine cracked then it all changes. Nightmare!

Breastfeeding really did help me lose a lot of the baby weight (and more) that I had gained during pregnancy and now that I’ve stopped I’m having to watch what I’m eating again. It’s so hard though and I often find myself pigging out so I’ve put some weight back on. We can’t have it all though can we (I wish). If I could possibly lose a stone or even half a stone I’d be quite happy. Well I say that but then is anybody ever really happy with their weight or the way they look? My clothes are getting tight though so I do need to calm down on the food or take up exercise.

I’d love to hear your extended breastfeeding journeys and how you’re getting on so please do get in touch. You never know I could always feature you on the blog.

3 comments on "Celebrating 3 Years of Breastfeeding"

Maisie on 17 July 2018 at 20:59 said...

I had planned on breastfeeding Tyler for as long as he wanted me to, but sadly we were both too poorly for our breastfeeding journey to ever really begin. I love reading positive stories around breastfeeding as it gives me faith that should we be lucky enough to have another baby we might be able to get it established 💖

The Coastal Mummy on 24 July 2018 at 21:12 said...

3 years of breastfeeding is incredible! Well done! Xx

Mimiroseandme on 26 July 2018 at 19:55 said...

Ah that’s actually amazing, well done you! I know my sister want her BG journey to last but it wasn’t meant to be

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