21 June 2018

Turning 30... it's not that bad!

Last month I turned the big 30 and do you know what it wasn't painful at all. I always think being 30 is such a milestone in life as you're not really a young adult anymore. You're a grown up now, you've got responsibilities and (sometimes) little people to look after but I honestly don't feel any different. My body might have changed and my face might have aged but my brain is still the same. I still think the same and it's probably not going to have changed much by the time I'm 60 so age really is just a number to me.

So instead of having a party to celebrate (not a fan) we all went on holiday to the lovely Cambrils, near Salou, and it was really nice visiting some where new. The resort we stayed at was fab. It had a lovely pool, splash park, restaurant, bar and it's very own private beach. The Portaventura theme park was close by as well and since tickets were included with our hotel stay we visited a few times. Highly recommend as it's such a lovely theme park and disability friendly as well.

My lovely friend Yvonne also took me out for a nice spot of lunch when I returned from my holidays so it really has been fab turning 30. Here's to the next birthday!

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Susan Mann on 22 June 2018 at 08:03 said...

What a lovely way to celebrate turning 30. I got married for mine x

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