23 February 2018

Circus Magic with Cirque Berserk

A circus is one of those things you've just got to go and see in your life time. It's family fun at it's best and the kids love the magic and excitement of the whole event. I've never taken Logan to a circus before but have been meaning to for a few years now. He loves watching cool stunts on youtube so the circus is the perfect show for him to go and see.

Luckily for us then that we were invited along to see the amazing Cirque Berserk at the Festival Theatre in Edinburgh on Tuesday. It's a real circus made for the theatre and we couldn't wait to see what acts they had in store. The hubby, Logan and I decided we would get the train through from Fife to save rushing around with parking and the traffic plus Logan quite enjoys the train journey.

When we arrived at the Festival Theatre we grabbed some drinks, sweeties and a brochure to see what was to come. Since we had a few minutes to wait it was the perfect distraction to keep Logan busy reading about all the different performances he would be watching on stage. Soon we took our seats and waited patiently for the show to start.

Before the lights dimmed though an announcement came over the speakers to let everyone know that the show was very interactive and taking photos and videos was massively encouraged. This was really refreshing as most shows aren't like this at all. We were also encouraged to share our pics and video footage on social media which is great as I know a lot of you like to see what I'm up to on my insta stories. So of course I shared loads and will probably keep putting up little videos now and again.

As the music started and the curtains opened the fabulous Timbuktu Tumblers bounced their way onto the stage with much enthusiasm. They're a fabulous bunch of African Acrobats with a complete zest for putting on a brilliant show. From that moment on the three of us were captivated by one act after another! You can see that it's a completely professional show with time, care and dedication put in by each personal involved to make it awesome. One of my favourites had to be Germaine Delbosq who is an amazingly skilled footjuggler from France. She honestly threw those balls, rings and fire about like it was nothing. I loved it all. Logan's favourite had to be Tweedy the Scottish clown. He was clumsy, cheerful and full of mischief. Just what every 8 year old loves. The hubby's favourite was the fantastic Lucius Team who performed the motorcycle Globe of Death! It was amazing and scary to watch all at once. I was peeking through my hands at some points.

These are just a few of the acts from Cirque Berserk which will delight and fascinate you and have your heart jumping into your throat in equal measures. It's honestly amazing and Logan has been telling all his friends about it at school. So if you have time this week I highly recommend getting yourself to the Festival Theatre in Edinburgh to experience the magic of Cirque Berserk. If you miss it don't worry as the show is in Glasgow from 7th June so get booking those tickets asap!

I was provided with tickets to see the show in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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