4 November 2017

Our Night in with #GoBinge

Don't you just love binge watching a new TV series or the latest Netflix hot picks like Narcos or Star Trek. If you're like me though you'll loathe having to use up any mobile data to do so and that's where Go Binge from Three comes in.

So what is it all about? It's basically a new initiative launched back in July this year by Three called Go Binge. Go Binge allows customers to use Netflix, TV Player, Dave, History, Deezer and Soundcloud without using mobile data. It's available to all new and upgrading customers on the following tariffs: All handset Advanced plans of 4GB and above. All SIMO Advanced plans of 4GB and above. All Pay monthly MBB plans of 5GB and above. Since it's only on offer on certain data allowances please do head to their website to find out more. However if you are on the right plan the excellent thing is you can stream as much as you want as long as you have some data remaining in your allowance. How totally awesome is that!

So to celebrate this amazing Go Binge offer, Three sent the hubby and I a lovely goody bag to help us binge watch some of our favourite shows. We chose a Friday night to have our night in binge as the toddler would be in her bed early (knackered from a busy toddler life week) and the boy would probably be staying at his Granny's house. Three had kindly included a fab Pizza Hut voucher for us, so not just a binge on programmes, and the other half and I decided to share it with the kids. It only made sense as there's no way we'd eat everything. Logan was very excited at the prospect of binge night so we went all out and got large stuffed crust pizzas, ice cream, cookie dough, onion rings and fries. Honestly it was a proper binge fest.

After the kids were fed and happy we sent one to bed and one to Granny's so we could get properly stuck into some binge watching time. The hubby and I snuggled up on the sofa with our cosy new #GoBinge blanket and put Narcos on. We hadn't watched the latest series so there was loads of juicy episodes to catch up on. Perfect for a binge night. Three sent us a popcorn machine too so we made our own from scratch. It was really awesome and I saved some of the popcorn maize so the kids could enjoy making and eating it too.

As you can see from the photos we had a right good time during our binge night and it's something we'll definitely be doing again. We even had a smartphone projector so we could watch our binge episodes in big screen format. When you have kids you don't often get out so a Saturday night binge watching our fav programmes and series is perfect. Even better if the hubby and I don't want to watch the same thing there's no arguing as I can simply stream my own favourite programmes with Go Binge and relax in bed.

Did you know you can also stream your favourite music without using up your data too!? Go Binge really is the way forward but please make sure and check out the Three website for further details.

This is a collaborative post with Three. All opinions are my own.

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