1 October 2017

What's Your Halloween Ritual?

Year after year it seems that Halloween is getting bigger in the UK and becoming more of a celebrated holiday like they do in the US. I must admit that pre children the other half and I would turn all the lights out, sit in the dark and not answer the door! How horrid of us I know however now that we have kids it's a whole different story. The first time I took my son trick or treating was when he started school. A bunch of us Mums got together with the kids and walked around all our neighbours doors in fancy dress singing or telling jokes in exchange for some sweeties. The kids love it and we've been doing it every year since they were 5. I do make sure and leave some sweets with the other half for when people knock on our door though. That's kind of our little Halloween ritual and hopefully it's something we can keep on doing until the kids eventually grow out of it.

When I was young and in primary school we would go out trick or treating (or guising as they call it in Scotland) but it wasn't for sweeties, it was for money and you honestly would come home with pockets loaded full of change. Thankfully it's more the American way now where you gets sweeties or else I wouldn't be answering the door!

Anyway, I love hearing what other people get up to on Halloween and I have some lovely parents who've kindly shared their Halloween rituals with us so read on to see what other people get up to with their kids on Halloween.


Sarah from Champagne and Petals says: "We get the kids dressed up and take them to 'trick or treat' on family and friends doors. Which often means jumping in the car to drive around. We never go anyone we don't know. I think it helps them to go trick or treating without really doing it. I always have some sweets in the house ready just encase little monsters turn up at the door. They have a school party so they go to that dressed up."

Emma from Life in the Mum's Lane says: "I love Halloween. We carve pumpkins & put decorations up. I always buy sweets for kids that come knocking. I usually stay in & my other half takes my children to a few friendly houses. We never go to a house with no decorations up. I also usually go on a pumpkin hunt at Castle Ashby & last year went to a fab family friendly community party."

Catherine from Mama Cat + Baby Bee says: "We love Halloween and autumn. We go to a pumpkin festival to pick our pumpkins and then have a special afternoon carving them with autumnal treats to nibble and drink. We usually find a family friendly party to go to and some autumnal/Halloween days out. We don't trick or treat, but we will give out candy to any callers. I like to decorate the house by adding to Bee's seasonal display and putting up our Halloween ornaments, toys and books."

Pete from Household Money Saving says: "We used to turn off the lights and watch TV upstairs. Since we've had kids, they dress up and hand out sweets to other people's children. We also go to a couple of neighbour's houses trick or treating, but we always clear it with them first."

Emma from Emma Reed says: "I love Halloween. I will get dressed up, I will dress the front of the house with a few props and spider webs and I carve out pumpkins to sit on the wall at the side to spook the visitors! We've had a couple of small gatherings for the kids to have some fun and we welcome any trick or treaters- these usually end around 8pm in our area. All good fun!"

Sophie from Soph-Obsessed says: "Halloween is our fave time we all dress up even our dogs) and we decorate the house and welcome any trick or treaters! My son who is now six loves giving out the sweets to those that knock on the door! It's our little tradition!"

Debbie from My Chaotically Eclectic Life says: "It varies from year to year depending on what day it actually falls. In the past the kids have got dressed up and go trick or treating locally or gone to a family Halloween party. If we are in we always have treats available and we decorate the house. The decorations are getting bigger each year. We love going to some of the local Halloween events too such as Scarecrow Trails and pumpkin picking."

Helena from The Queen of Collage says: "We celebrate Halloween by decorating the house. I think my little ones are a bit too young to understand it but when they are I hope to stick with what I did as a child and let their friends know they'll be visiting."

Christy from Welsh Mum of One says: "We try to dress up and go to an organized party. A local family-friendly pub does some great events on Halloween. If there was nothing on we'd probably try and organize something ourselves for friends and family. No one really goes trick or treating my area so that's not really an option but I think it's a fun opportunity to celebrate and dress up."

Kim from Raising A Ragamuffin says: "We don't celebrate Halloween on the day generally. However, we do go pumpkin picking to then carve/decorate. Last year me and daddy carved our pumpkins and ragamuffin painted hers."

Emma from The Money Whisperer says: "We love to go on a proper Halloween pumpkin trail. The children all had to find the pumpkins in the grounds and copy the designs of the unique pumpkins on to an activity sheet to get a spooky treat at the end. We all loved it!"

Veronica from My Parenting Journey says: "We have 3 kids and they're always looking forward to dressing up on Halloween and we trick-or-treating a night early to get extra candy! lol Also, we never miss our annual Halloween movie marathon :)"

Lianne from Ankle Biters Adventures says: "I decorate the house from top to bottom. We go pumpkin picking , on pumpkin trails and also have a party I even do party bags - Halloween is my fav."

Leyla from Motherhood Diaries says: "The boys always go trick or treating while I prepare a Halloween - inspired feast for the friends and family on the street. I love Halloween, as it's my chance to get creative with the pumpkins, decorations and food."


4 comments on "What's Your Halloween Ritual?"

Susan Mann on 2 October 2017 at 16:47 said...

OOh I love Halloween so these are really interesting. I love dressing up the kids and making it a lot of fun x

Janine on 2 October 2017 at 23:01 said...

Even pre kids I loved Halloween. I have watched probably every entire Halloween movie that is out there. Did I mentioned the costumes for hubby and me came in the post today? Lol xx

The Breastest News on 3 October 2017 at 19:32 said...

I love Halloween too Susan. I love how you help make the kids costumes, so cool x

The Breastest News on 3 October 2017 at 19:32 said...

OMG Janine that's amazing you have costumes for you and the hubby. Can't wait to see them :D x

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