5 October 2017

Parents Need to Look After Themselves More

I recently attended a mental health training session through my work and one thing in particular resonated with me. When discussing what we can do to make ourselves feel better the presenter announced that we're so busy looking after everyone else around us that if we don't take time for ourselves then inevitably some of us will have a break down at some point. And she was right because if you can't look after yourself properly then how can you look after the kids or others around you? It just doesn't fit. So by looking after yourself and making sure you're in a good place it means everyone else benefits.

I think everyone during their life struggles with the balance. There's always something to be done, someone to be looked after, bills to be paid, money to be maid etc and frankly we really can't do it all. Some people might look like they do it all perfectly but behind closed doors it's probably a different story. There's no shame in admitting you need help and support people.

Parenting has to be one of the hardest things I've ever done and it totally zaps the energy right out of you. It's also one of the most rewarding things in my life and watching two young people laugh and grow is amazing. But there are times when I'm just exhausted and need some me time hence why I blog. It's something for me and something I enjoy. As well as blogging I also love to read fiction when helps me escape into another world when I need it.

With that mind here are a few words from fellow bloggers on how they take time out from the grind and look after themselves first so they can in turn provide better care to others.


Charlie from Our Altered Life says: I enjoy walking the dog around a local reservoir. It also means I have 30 mins off my phone which is a huge part of my life and sometimes can be a source of distraction and more anxiety. Deep breathing and being present in the moment are key for me to stay balanced and calm.

Sophia from Tattooed Tea Lady says: I make sure I spend at least 5 minutes everyday reading during the day and every night before bed. For me, it's a sure fire way to relax and unwind and get lost in another world for a bit!

Katie from Living Life Our Way says: On a daily basis, I watch TV by myself when everyone else is in bed to unwind. But my favourite way to really take time to myself is going to gigs - love a bit of live music as de-stress therapy! 

Sarah from Toby Goes Bananas says: I was struggling to find time to exercise even though I know it makes me feel better, so I’ve been doing yoga videos off YouTube in the evenings after the kids are in bed and it’s brilliant. 

Jenny from Monkey and Mouse says: I like to go for a cycle on my own, whizzing fast down the hills with the wind in my hair! It feels so free! 

Sarah from Mummy Cat Notes says: I love to play games in the evenings, there is nothing more relaxing for me than loosing myself in a game for a few hours! 

Sarah from Digital Motherhood says: Every so often I have an afternoon to myself on a weekend. Will pop into town, get my haircut or just get a drink in Starbucks for a little bit of peace while the husband takes our daughter to the park or wherever. Feel so much better after a few hours by myself! 

Susan from Susan K Mann says: Reading a book is always relaxes me. I tend to read something in a supernatural/fantasy genre as real escapism. 

Stephanie from Renovation Bay-Bee says: Me and hubby always have one evening a week where we eat dinner on our own. We give the kids their dinner earlier, and we sit down together and enjoy a peaceful dinner! 

Louise from Pink Pear Bear says: Running is my sanity saver! I often leave the house raging and come back all zen and calm. If I don't do enough exercise I get antsy and stressy. 

Jeannette from Autism Mumma says: Crochet relaxes me, I learnt last year and it was the best thing I could have done for my wellbeing. Music is also very calming, I have "mellow moods" and "go to" playlists on my phone. Love to read fiction too.

Emma from Emma Reed says: I make sure I find time to exercise every week. I usually drop my son off to pre-school then go to a 9:30am class but it is also a kid-friendly studio so he can come along and watch if childcare is an issue. Exercise definitely makes you feel more energised, happier and can also be very sociable. 

Christy from Welsh Mum says: Setting aside 1 hour in the night to play video games after the baby is asleep relaxes me. I've always enjoyed gaming and am a bit of a techie so that's my me-time! If I'm frustrated I can beat something up in a virtual world but I often play simple, relaxing games that just let me forget about all the worries of the day.

Jennie Rice Cakes and Raisins says: Getting into my dressing gown once the kids have gone to bed is my idea of bliss. I just love it. Especially now the evenings are going to darker earlier. It's like putting on a blanket :)

Claire from Bumps Babies Tots and Teens Mummy Diaries says: Mindful colouring books, journaling, going out for a walk, put on your favourite tunes, exercise, doing anything you love that isn’t child related. Phone a friend, invite a friend round for cuppa or wine...I could go on.

Elaine from Entertaining Elliot says: I belong to my local community choir and it's so nice to have that one evening a week where I can leave the craziness of being a mummy at home and just be Elaine! Singing is good for the soul! 

Kelly from Reduced Grub says: I work 33% which is a super part time contract for an airline and every 6 weeks I do between two or three long haul flights and have some days away. On my first night away, I lock myself in my room, lose a stone in weight by shaving my legs and order room service. At home I am Mum and I love it but when I'm away, I get recharged and get pure me time.


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Susan Mann on 12 October 2017 at 16:28 said...

You are right. We do need to look after ourselves more than we do xx

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