24 October 2017

Lego Building with Duplo & Lego Elves

We've had our fair share of Lego sets in this house so I'd like to think we're all pretty close to being master builders! Even little Harlow who's only 2 years old has a good few sets of Duplo at her disposal. Recently we were contacted by Lego to see if the kids would like to review some new sets of theirs and I couldn't agree fast enough.

Harlow was sent a gorgeous little Lego Duplo Pets set and Logan got one of the new Lego Elves sets. Both sets looked fantastic and since they arrived when Logan was at school I kept his for later and got stuck into Harlow's Duplo.

Harlow received the Duplo 10838 Family Pets Building Set for ages 2-5 years which contained 4 different animals and accessories to build and play with. Her little face lit up when she saw the box. She's a mad animal fan and wanted the box open as soon as humanly possible. I really do love Duplo in our house. It's the perfect size for Harlow and is so robust it lasts forever. She played with this set for a good hour and has gone back to it again and again. She also has the Duplo train set so we've been mixing them together for more play time fun.

Included in this set were a dog, cat, rabbit and bird. They each have a little accompanying Duplo part such as the frisbee for the dog and carrots for the rabbit. This particular Duplo set retails for around £8.99 which I think is a fabulous price. It would definitely make an excellent present for a birthday or Christmas. Sometimes I like to get kids the odd present when I travel as well and prefer to order them some Lego instead of the usual holiday tat so why not do that yourself next time.

Logan too was super thrilled with his Lego Elves 41182 The Capture of Sophie Jones. It's seems very magical and is brightly coloured so eye catching and Logan was pleased to have the chance to build it. This is the first time he's had Lego Elves and his reaction to it was lovely. I thought he may think it's a bit girly but it honestly isn't and anyone can enjoy Lego, even myself and the other half quite like some Lego building.

In this set there are 3 separate parts to build. There's Mr Spry's grocery store, goblin capture mobile and a magic portal. The mini figures that go along with it are Sophie Jones, Barblin the Goblin and Mr Spry the squirrel. It's really very sweet and your aim is to make sure Sophie sneaks through the magic portal to Elvendale and escapes before Barblin the Goblin catches her! I love that after you build this set it's still going to provide hours of fun. There's lots of little fiddly bits and pieces like apples, jewels, money, flowers etc and I loved all of this as a child. It just made everything more interesting and Logan liked it all the more because of those small pieces.

Lego Elves 41182 The Capture of Sophie Jones is for ages 7-12 years and retails at a very reasonable £17.99. It's a fantastically affordable set and again would make an excellent gift for someone's birthday or Christmas. Even as a reward of some sort for good behavior maybe?

I'll definitely be recommending both sets to family and friends as they're really good and excellent quality as you would expect from Lego. Why not take a peak online and see the whole new Lego Elves story in action?

I was sent both products for free in return for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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