14 July 2017

My Amazon Prime Day Bargain Buys

I totally love a bargain so it's no surprise really that when I heard Amazon Prime Day would include some awesome deals just for Prime members I was all over it. I'm always a bit skeptical at first and I know some deals don't suit everyone but there really was loads on offer and I got quite a few bargains. If anything it at least kicked off my Christmas shopping a bit and I now have some presents handy for friends and family when I need them.

So for all you nosey chops out there like me who love a bargain, here's what I purchased.

Learning Resources Code & Go Robot Mouse Activity Set
I've been watching this item for a while and it never really comes down much in price so when I noticed is was in the Prime deals I jumped on the "add to basket" button as soon as it became available. I'm really chuffed with this purchase as it's normally around £45 but was reduced to a perfectly acceptable £28.77. I'll be keeping it stashed away for Birthday/Christmas.

VTech Pink Baby Cosy Kitten Carrier Toy
Harlow loves her cuddly toys and her animals which means this little Vtech cosy kitten carrier will be the perfect present for her. It has lots of lovely bright buttons on it as well so I'm sure she'll love pressing all of those. This item only had 30% off but you can't sniff at that when it dropped from £24.99 to £18.19. I double checked to make sure I couldn't find it any cheaper just in case before buying. Definitely a nice little bargain.

Walkers Doritos and Sensations Crisps & Snacks Party Box
You might be thinking what the hell! Walkers snack box!? However you get 3 big sized bags of crisps plus a packet of Sensations nuts and a big bag of sharing crisps all for £4.49. Only a saving of £1.50 however if you divide it up each item comes in a whoppingly cheap 89p each! Bargain.

Melissa & Doug My Horse Clover Wooden Doll
I do love the Melissa & Doug toys so I was really happy to see them in the Prime Day Deals. There were quite a few and I purchased a couple but I really liked this little horse set which has magnetic accessories you stick on the horse. Harlow will love it and I loved it too since it was £7.99 down to £5.56. Can't grumble at that.

VTech Little Love Baby
I've been on the look out for a new baby for Harlow for a while now. One that was interactive but at a good price and this VTech Little Love Baby ticks all the boxes. It was £24.99 down to £18.74 and I'm sure Harlow will love it when she gets it.

I did buy quite a few more bits and pieces including some cosmetics but they're gifts for close family and I don't want them getting a sneaky peak at their presents! Did you buy anything nice in the Amazon Prime Day Deals? I heard you could purchase a Kindle for £30!!

4 comments on "My Amazon Prime Day Bargain Buys"

Sarah on 16 July 2017 at 08:36 said...

oh wow some good bargains, I know someone who got a printer really cheap too, wish I had taken advantage of it now haha

Gee Gardner on 16 July 2017 at 09:54 said...

I had no idea amazing sold food?! Looks like you got some good bargains!

The Breastest News on 17 July 2017 at 21:55 said...

Oh yes there were lots of bargains Sarah, that's good someone you know got a fab deal on a printer.

The Breastest News on 17 July 2017 at 21:55 said...

Neither did I Gee! Will have to have a nosey properly later.

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