9 June 2017

Father's Day Gift Guide: What to Get for Dad

It's almost that time of year again when it's Dad's turn to shine. Father's Day is literally around the corner so here's some great ideas for what to get Dad on his special day. I've tried to pick a few things that maybe you wouldn't have thought of and are a little bit different but still pretty awesome. Read on to see what I've selected.

My Geek Box
If your Dad is a bit on the geeky side (like my other half) then he's sure to appreciate a little subscription to the My Geek Box. You can have a 1, 3, 6 or 12 month subscription to this service and a box will arrive on your doorstep full of geektastic goodies! Boxes start from £8.49 and it's an unusually cool present to give.

Man Cave Blackspice Beard Set
Dad's with beards are all the fashion now so chances are your Dad may have grown one. There's no better gift to give then than this fab Beard Set from Man Cave. It contains Beard Wash, Beard Control and the all important Beard Oil for keeping Dad's beard fresh and looking fine. Currently £17.99 on Amazon.

Filthy Sentiments Dad Bank Mug
I don't know about you but we love a good mug in our house so this one from Filthy Sentiments would go down a storm, especially since it's true! My other half really is the Bank of Dad when it comes to the kids. I'm so getting him this. It's only £11.99 and well worth getting just to see Dad's face.

The MoGuard
As well as a fetching beard, moustaches seem to be gaining popularity again and would you know the other half has both. So if your Dad (or your children's father) has a moustache then The MoGuard will be the perfect present for him. It's basically a little silicone shaped moustahce which sits on top of a glass or cup to prevent the gentleman's moustache from getting wet. It's a brilliant idea and the amount of times my other half complains about getting drinks in his moustache is starting to irritate. He'll be getting some of these as well.

Simply Sweets Mega Retro Sweet Hamper
Father's Day wouldn't be complete without some sweeties thrown in there and they don't get much better than this Mega Retro Sweet Hamper from Simply Sweets. It has all the old favourites you can imagine and will have Dad reliving his youth. Definitely worth a purchase at £24.99.

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