1 June 2017

Fabulous Aldi Finds

Every year it seems that the purse strings get squeezed just that wee bit tighter. If it's not another mouth to feed (after having a baby) then it's the older kids joining new clubs and groups. Everything comes at a cost and if us parents can save precious pennies then we're totally down for it, well I am anyway. So I've taken it upon myself to list some of the fabulous buys you can find at Aldi which are usually a fraction of the cost when it comes to other supermarkets.

I know that quite a few of the Aldi products tend to be seasonal so aren't always available which is devastating when you find something you really like however there's always something new and exciting that comes along. So without further ado here's some of the products we're currently enjoying from Aldi.

Frozen Pizza
Their frozen pizza's are super tasty and superbly priced at around 89p. I tend to go for the thin crust ones myself and stick to their cheese or pepperoni. I've tried the other flavours on offer but these two are by far the yummiest. Well I think so anyway. It's handy having these in the freezer especially on the days I'm working. They literally take 15 minutes in the oven.

Baby Wipes
I love Aldi's fragrance free sensitive baby wipes. You get 64 wipes in one packet and they're quite thick and not overly moist like some wipes. They also cost a fraction of what some leading brands do and you can purchase a 4 pack for £2.29! Brilliant.

Orange Juice
We go through so much fresh orange juice in our house and after having watched that documentary programme on how orange juice is all the same from concentrate or not I'm grudged to spend a penny more than I have to. That's why I'm pleased that a litre of fresh orange juice from Aldi only costs 65p. I buy a few to keep us going.

Anti Bac Wipes
I use anti bac wipes all the time. They're so convienient and easy to use around the house at a moments notice. Normally they come with a hideous price tag but not at Aldi. Try 59p on for size.

Fruit & Veg
The kids and us adults tend to consume copious amounts of fruit and veg, well mostly fruit for the kids, but it's so expensive. My son has a favouritism for strawberries and lucky for me Aldi are currently doing a massive 600g pack of strawberries for £1.89. I'm going to enjoy this offer whilst it lasts. Aldi also do quite a few offers on their veg and sell packs for ridiculously low prices.

One unavoidable expense for us at the moment is nappies. I know we've only really got a year or so left of them thankfully but it's something I have to spend the pennies on. Aldi nappies are great though. I've been using them on my daughter since she was little with no issues what so ever. A big box will cost you a measly £5.79 and with around 60 nappies that's a great buy.

My son loves a packet of crisps for his school break time snack and I honestly never realised how much blooming crisps costs until I'm buying 3 or 4 multi bags a week. Not just for my son of course (before you think he's eating too much) but for the whole family. We're a bunch of crisp lovers. I'm grateful then that Aldi have a massive 30 multi pack bag of crisps for a brilliant £2.49. That's almost 12p a bag of crisps!

I'd love to hear what you guys have found in Aldi recently that was totally yummy or a complete bargain. Send me a tweet on Twitter - @BreastestNews.

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Sian - The Mama Story on 4 June 2017 at 11:50 said...

We love Aldi! I can't get in with their pizzas though. I'm a big fan of their Prosecco and Austin's ("Pimm's"!).

The Breastest News on 6 June 2017 at 21:35 said...

They're great aren't they :)

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