27 May 2017

Start Your Morning Right with Ready Brek

During the week our mornings can be pretty hectic. I try to do as much as I can the night before but sometimes I'm just too knackered so everything gets left to first thing the next day. Both Logan and Harlow get up at the crack of dawn (even on weekends *sobs*) and neither will have a nap so I need to make sure I fill them full of goodness at breakfast time to keep their energy levels up. I try to go for healthier options at breakfast and something simple too which doesn't take 20 minutes to prepare or cook. My preferred options are normally cereal or toasts but before long the kids are starving again.

Ready Brek have kindly stepped in to the rescue and definitely keep my kids fuller for longer. I like it that you can also add a dollop of jam, honey or even chocolate to sweeten things up for the kids. It's better than actual sweeties at breakfast time I assure you. Harlow's favourite thing to do at the moment is demand sweeties as soon as her eyes open and it's just not going to happen - mean Mummy.

Once the breakfast routine is over it's time to get everyone dressed, teeth brushed, hair sorted etc before it's off to school/ the childminders. It makes me happier knowing both the kids have had a great breakfast and that it'll keep them full until snack time at least.

On weekends the family and I are a lot more relaxed although we still like to eat a good healthy breakfast before going out on some adventures. Speaking of adventures Ready Brek have recently teamed up with the fabulous We're Going on a Bear Hunt to encourage children to get active and get outdoors. Of course having a very nutritious breakfast such a Ready Brek will totally help with this and if you purchase a promotional pack of Ready Brek you'll get the We're Going on a Bear Hunt Guide, awesome!

Anything promoting great nutrition, family time and the fresh outdoors ticks all the boxes for me and us adults can enjoy a bowl of Ready Brek with the kids as well. I tend to find if I'm eating something Logan and Harlow are more inclined to eat it as well so lead by example. We've recently been enjoying lots of outdoor fun and activities and this beautiful weather has aided our cause.

What are you getting up to this weekend? We love our local woods and might just go for a little bear hunt of our own...

This is a collaborative post.

2 comments on "Start Your Morning Right with Ready Brek"

SIAN - THE MAMA STORY on 4 June 2017 at 11:48 said...

Ooooh these look tasty! I used to have Ready Brek as a kid but haven't had it in years. A speedy breakfast is a must here! #TriedTested

The Breastest News on 6 June 2017 at 21:40 said...

I hadn't had it in years either. Kids love it and so speedy :)

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