30 May 2017

Mum? How Are Babies Made?

This is the question my 5 year old son (now 7) asked me when I was pregnant with his sister. I knew it would eventually arise as, 1 - he's not stupid and 2 - he was older and very excited about having a sibling so naturally curiosity started to set in.

I've always wanted to be open and honest with my kids about things like this as it's all very natural. Millions of people get pregnant and give birth every year and I believe telling your kids how babies are made doesn't have to be a bad thing. If it's done correctly I see no harm in it at all, I just had to find something to help me do this.

After a quick online search (as you do) I came across a really interesting children's book. I wasn't too sure at first. Was this the right thing to do? Would I scar my son for life? I read a couple of reviews and everyone seemed really positive about it. I took the plunge and bought it. My final decision to purchase was made after viewing the front page of the book and the title. It looked so appealing and quite to the point, do you want to know which book I bought for my 5 year old son? It's called Where Willy Went...

Sorry if you choked on your tea there but do be assured Willy is not a penis (thank god). He is in fact a sperm and this book is all about his journey and purpose in life.

Written by the very talented Nicholas Allan (who also wrote Father Christmas Needs a Wee) this book has all the info you'll need to set your kid straight on how babies are made. It's also brilliantly humorous for us adults and will have you giggling here and there.

The illustrations are fabulous, as you can see, and are perfect for helping you describe to your child what sperm is, where it goes to make said baby and how it eventually turns into a baby before being born. My son was so fascinated by this book and because it basically explains it all there were no mad awkward questions although being the responsible adult that I am *cough* I would have explained the best I could.

So there you go ladies and gents a great book about how babies are born. It'll basically save your life. You can thank me later *hint hint* I like chocolates, tea, prosecco!

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28 May 2017

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27 May 2017

Start Your Morning Right with Ready Brek


During the week our mornings can be pretty hectic. I try to do as much as I can the night before but sometimes I'm just too knackered so everything gets left to first thing the next day. Both Logan and Harlow get up at the crack of dawn (even on weekends *sobs*) and neither will have a nap so I need to make sure I fill them full of goodness at breakfast time to keep their energy levels up. I try to go for healthier options at breakfast and something simple too which doesn't take 20 minutes to prepare or cook. My preferred options are normally cereal or toasts but before long the kids are starving again.

Ready Brek have kindly stepped in to the rescue and definitely keep my kids fuller for longer. I like it that you can also add a dollop of jam, honey or even chocolate to sweeten things up for the kids. It's better than actual sweeties at breakfast time I assure you. Harlow's favourite thing to do at the moment is demand sweeties as soon as her eyes open and it's just not going to happen - mean Mummy.

Once the breakfast routine is over it's time to get everyone dressed, teeth brushed, hair sorted etc before it's off to school/ the childminders. It makes me happier knowing both the kids have had a great breakfast and that it'll keep them full until snack time at least.

On weekends the family and I are a lot more relaxed although we still like to eat a good healthy breakfast before going out on some adventures. Speaking of adventures Ready Brek have recently teamed up with the fabulous We're Going on a Bear Hunt to encourage children to get active and get outdoors. Of course having a very nutritious breakfast such a Ready Brek will totally help with this and if you purchase a promotional pack of Ready Brek you'll get the We're Going on a Bear Hunt Guide, awesome!

Anything promoting great nutrition, family time and the fresh outdoors ticks all the boxes for me and us adults can enjoy a bowl of Ready Brek with the kids as well. I tend to find if I'm eating something Logan and Harlow are more inclined to eat it as well so lead by example. We've recently been enjoying lots of outdoor fun and activities and this beautiful weather has aided our cause.

What are you getting up to this weekend? We love our local woods and might just go for a little bear hunt of our own...

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26 May 2017

My First Experience of BlogOn - A Conference for Bloggers

Back in January tickets became available for the much anticipated BlogOn Conference which took place last weekend in Manchester at the Museum of Science and Industry. There was lots of chat in the blogging community of who would be attending and it really caught my attention. I had never been to a blogging conference before and was a bit worried and felt slightly intimated that I wouldn’t know anyone and just basically be milling around by myself. Luckily after a really nice talk with Susan from Susan K Mann she convinced me it was a very friendly conference and one that is well worth attending. So I booked my ticket and eagerly awaited the 21st May.

As time drew closer travel had to be arranged and I managed to find a travel buddy in the form of Jo from MummysKnee. I always think travelling to new places and events is always easier with a friend so if you can chum someone along then totally do it. We decided to book flights from Edinburgh to Manchester as Jo had traveled by train and car before but found it a little tiring. I was happy to fly as it sounded like the quickest and less stressful option.

BlogOn normally have a launch party the night before the actual conference so I traveled down the day before, booked a cheap hotel and snatched a ticket for the launch party. After a quick freshen up at the hotel a few of us had a bite to eat then headed to the party which was sponsored by Paladone. The party was a nice easy way to get to know some new and familiar bloggers and thanks to Paladone there was plenty of games and activities to try out. There was of course plenty of booze and food as well.

After quite a restful night Jo and I met the lovely Jax Blunt (aka @liveotherwise) in our hotel reception for a lift into Manchester. Lots of bloggers were meeting at a nearby McDonalds to sort out lifts and taxis so when Jax offered us a lift in her car we couldn't have been more thankful.

Arriving at the conference there was a total buzz in the air. Lots of stalls had brands and PRs showing us what they do best and there were plenty of familiar blogger faces getting ready for the kick off and sessions ahead. At each brand/PR stall there were lots of freebies and competitions to enter. One of my favourites had to be the Razor Jr. Lil’ Crazy cart which you could win there on the day. My daughter would have so loved this as her brother has the big version. Hexbug where there and I didn't realise they did Nano Junior and Cuddle Bots for Toddlers. They're so much bigger and means they won't choke on them.

So after the Introduction and Keynote it was onto the first session of the day. I chose Advertising & Promoting by Tim from Slouching Towards Thatcham as I feel I don't put my blog out there enough. It was a really great session with plenty of good sensible info. Tim also had hand outs, well done Tim, so this saved me lots of note taking.

Next was lunch time (already) where there was lots of lunch bags with crisps, sandwiches, biscuits etc and of course plenty of drinks. After this was the second session of which I chose 6 Steps to Going Pro. There was then a break with cake and wine before continuing onto the next session. I chose Instagram this time which was fab before finally choosing Accounting for Bloggers. I should mention there was a massive raffle in between all of this to with some amazing prizes but silly me forgot to buy tickets!

When all the sessions were over everyone moved back into the main hall for the closing keynote and of course to receive our goody bags! The rumours were true and I'm so glad I brought a massive suitcase. The goody bags were huge. Two big canvas bags full of lovely stuff and a third plastic bag full of sweeties. The next BlogOn Conference is going to be held in September where they celebrate Christmas. Tickets are currently sold out but I'd get on the waiting list if I was you.

25 May 2017

When The Sickness Bug Strikes! – 5 Tips to Help Your Child

Poor Harlow has recently been through sickness bug hell with no signs of it going away any time soon. She’s had a trip to the doctors as the other half and I were quite worried it could be something else but no. It’s definitely a sickness bug, it just seems to be taking it’s time leaving her little body. I do worry about her though and had a mild panic about how I would keep her hydrated so asked the lovely people of Twitter. It got me thinking that other parents must feel the same at times, not knowing the right thing to do, which is why I’m going to share some tips I picked up recently on helping your child through the nasty sickness bug.

Keeping the Fluids Down
We all know with a sickness bug that preventing dehydration is really important. The last thing you want is for you child to be hospitalised and put on a drip but if needs must it has to happen. One thing a lot of people suggested, and I’d forgotten, is giving your child ice poles/lollies. They’re not heavy on the stomach, have a little bit of flavour and are perfect for getting some water into your little one as well as cooling them down. You can even buy mini ones (half the size of a normal) for smaller children. I’ve got the mini ones for Harlow and they’re the perfect size for her to hold.

As well as keeping some fluids in your kids you want them to make a quick recovery and this can be aided by Dioralyte. It’s a rehydrating drink which has all the salt and minerals your body needs to recuperate after loss through sickness and diarrhoea. It can be used by infants as well with cooled boiled water so really is a good thing to have in the medicine cabinet. If you think your child might be able to keep a bit of fluid down then trying giving them some Calpol as well. This will help any pain and reduce their temperature from fevers.

Be a Scruff for the Day
You’ll want to make sure your child is as comfortable as possible so put them in some old clean clothes that you don’t mind them getting sick on. Make sure their clothes don’t push on or restrict their tummy in anyway, sometimes even a night gown, cardigan and some thick warm socks can be nice. I always have an old blanket to hand as well, don’t want Harlow catching a chill too.

Sick Bowl
Everyone has a sick bowl of some sorts and it's usual a basin if us adults can't get to the toilet in time. Sometimes a basin is just a bit too big for the kids so I normally keep a smaller plastic bowl handy. Harlow was so ill recently that the only thing we could catch her sick in was a little bowl, she just couldn't move. Also some wet wipes near the sick bowl can be very handy.

Bland Foods
When your child starts to perk up and shows signs of actually eating solid foods again then go for something bland that won't upset the tummy. Things like bread, toast, soup, plain pasta etc usually do the trick and they'll be eating normal meals again in no time. One thing that can irritate the stomach after having a bug can be milk or dairy based products so maybe skip these for a day or two.

If you have any other tips on helping your child when the sickness bug strikes then I'd love to hear them. Anything to make the little ones life easier is always a big help.

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23 May 2017

Easter Holiday Trip to Drayton Manor

Last Easter the family and I ventured down to Legoland in Windsor for a little break. It was fabulous but such a long drive that I'm not sure we're ready to tackle again quite yet so decided to try something closer this time. Hence the reason we decided on Drayton Manor in Tamworth (not far from Birmingham). It looked like a brilliant theme park perfect for all ages, since it incorporates Thomas Land as well, so I booked us up and we went along to give it a bash.

The drive was around 5hrs as the traffic was actually ok (drove on a Sunday) and we stopped to refuel the car and our tummies for an hour at lunch time. The other half and I decided that to save ourselves hassle and stress that we would stay at the Drayton Manor Hotel which is on site. I managed to get us quite a good deal on the stay, play and save 20% offer online. You get your park tickets included for each nights stay and this will save you a lot of pennies as the park tickets themselves aren't cheap.

You can book a Thomas the Tank themed room at the Drayton Manor Hotel but I didn't bother this time as thought we'd hardly be in our room. I was right, we literally were only in the room to sleep as spent all day at the park then after dinner headed to a separate building onsite where they had children's entertainment. The hotel has a great play park too and the kids were there till it got dark.

The theme park itself was fantastic and I really couldn't believe the amount of rides that Harlow could get on. She's quite small at 86cm but with an adult going on the rides with her she could get on tons. I wasn't too sure if Logan would be a bit too old for Thomas Land (since he's 7) but because he had Harlow to help he loved it. Some of the rides there were faster than I expected but the kids had a ball. The park was clean too and there were plenty of places to get food and not just the likes of hot dogs. You could get toasted sandwiches, muffins, paninis, milk shakes, ice cream, kids boxes with sandwiches/yogurts etc.

We all really had a lovely time at Drayton Manor and would definitely go back. It's perfect for young kids if you want them to experience the whole theme park joy. Take a look at our photos to see how we enjoyed the park.

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