1 March 2017

5 Fun Books for Toddlers

It’s World Book Day tomorrow so I thought I’d share some of the really fun books Harlow and I have been enjoying recently. She hasn’t long turned 2 and is getting more into books by the week. I try my hardest to read a story or two before bedtime but if this doesn’t happen then we incorporate some books into our play time.

A lot of children miss out on story time which is such a shame as I really believe it helps to bring on their vocabulary then the all important reading and writing skills when they start school. My son has a fascination for books, as do I, and I’m very keen to keep this going with Harlow as well.

So without further ado here’s some of the books my toddler loves.

The Bedtime Bear – by Ian Whybrow
This book has a fab little rhyming story about Bear who’s trying to make it back to his owner, Tom, before bedtime. As lets be honest, bedtime isn’t complete without your favourite snuggly teddy bear. Harlow particularly likes this book because it has lots of little lip-the-flaps on each page which you can open along with reading the story. Whilst reading Harlow will normally sit on my lap and wait for her queue to open the correct flap. The illustrations, by Axel Scheffler, are really good and there’s lots of little extras added in so when we’ve finished the story we go back through the book to point out all the animals.

The Wheels on the Bus – by Kate Toms
What toddler doesn’t like singing and doing the actions of wheels on the bus! Harlow is no different and usually serenades her Dad and I to regular wheels on the bus renditions. That’s why when I spotted this lovely book in Aldi’s for a couple of pound I couldn’t resist. The illustrations are quite funny with it being animals instead of people. They’ve also been done in some sort of fuzzy felt which is really cool. You basically can’t read this book, you really have to sing it to your child but it makes it that bit more exciting for them. It does have quite a few pages but Harlow will sit all the way through to watch me sing and point at what the babies, bus driving and horn are doing.

Wiggly Fingers Incy Wincy Spider –by Igloo Books
This book isn’t so much about the story and more about the interaction between parent and child. It’s not the classic incy wincy tale but there’s wiggly fingers attached to the book which are meant to be incy wincy spiders legs. It’s easy to slot your fingers into and perfect for making the littles ones laugh out loud. You’ve got to make incy wincy spider do all sorts of exciting things withy his legs and Harlow thinks it’s brilliant. We never really manage to read the whole story but have a good chuckle never the less.

First Words – by Thomas Nelson
First words are so important and nothing teaches them better than a good book. Harlow absolutely loves animals and when on holiday recently she couldn’t get enough of the pussy cats around the resort or the little ants, spiders and ladybugs that were crawling around. This book is fab in that it has pages dedicated to different genres like animals, food, colours, shapes etc and the illustrations are brilliant. We’ve had this first words book for quite a while now and it’s always one Harlow turns to for some quiet time after a busy day of play. She’ll often run over to the sofa and sit waiting for you to bring the book over. With the animals being her favourite she’ll point to them and say some of their names but will wait for me to say what they’re called too. It really is a lovely book.

Peppa Pig Pirate Island Sound Book
It wouldn’t be a proper toddler book collection without Peppa Pig now would it. I have no idea what it is that makes this little pig so interesting to our toddlers but here she is bringing joy, and naughtiness, into the lives of millions. This particular sound book is quite big but it’s great to watch Harlow looking at the pictures and pressing all the corresponding buttons when I tell her too. There’s 18 different sound buttons to choose from so your toddler won’t get bored quickly. Maybe a chance for you to get a quick hot cuppa when they’re distracted.

I’d love to know what books your toddler is loving at the moment as we’re always looking for more to add to our collection.

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Angela Milnes on 20 April 2017 at 21:43 said...

I'd love to read the book The wheels on the bus. It sounds super fun and if it's anything like the song I bet little kids will love it. Thanks for linking up to #KLTR and apologies for my delay in visiting your blog.

Laura - Laura's Lovely Blog on 21 April 2017 at 20:18 said...

Oh some great books here - I love the look of the wiggle fingers incey wincey spider :) Thanks for linking up to #kltr

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