8 February 2017

Winter Walkies with Chuckit! Dog Toys & Friends

Having a family pet is amazing especially if you've got a loyal canine or two like myself. They give so much unconditional love which is just as well as this time of year is a dread for when walkies come around. It's so dark, cold and wet so you'll forgive me if I don't really fancy wrapping up and taking my pooches for a chilly damp walk. Of course your pups need out and about though. They need to stretch their legs, sniff the trees and roam the fields. It's their bit of fun and probably what they look forward to most (apart from food) each day. Luckily for my girls, and me, to make these winter walks that bit more bearable the lovely people from Chuckit! sent us a hamper of exciting toys and treats.

The girls received a Max Glow Zipflight, a Max Glow Erratic Ball, Ultra Ball 2 pack, a Max Glow Pro 18, fluff & spruce ditch the itch shampoo and orbiloc dog safety light. I wasn't sure who was more excited when this hamper arrived, the kids or the dogs, but we all couldn't wait to test everything out.

As you might have guessed from the names of some of the products there's a glow in the dark element to them. Perfect for winter walk and play. The Max Glow Erratic Ball glows in the dark brilliantly and does as its name suggests - acts erratic. It's super bouncy, rubbery and has quite a funny shape with different angles which enables it to spring around when thrown. Great fun for the girls as they never know what it's going to do or where it's going to land. It's a size medium and really easy to spot in the dark.

My dogs love to chase a good ball and they weren't disappointed with the Ultra Ball 2 pack. They're sturdy rubbery medium sized balls with major bounce and the ability to float if you're dog likes jumping in rivers. I personally like them because they're harder for my Staffordshire Bull Terrier to destroy, in fact they're still intact. If it was a tennis ball it would be in the bin by now. These balls are handily compatible with the Max Glow Pro 18 which is a throwing stick but that comes with it's own Chuckit! medium sized tennis ball.

The Max Glow Pro 18 is a super sturdy ball throwing stick which is also glow in the dark. The ball it comes with isn't, however the Erratic Ball is compatible so you can use that for dark night walks. Near us we have a wide open field which the girls can run around in so it's perfect for using there. The Max Glow Pro 18 has been designed with the dog owner in mind as it's comfy to hold for extended periods and has a grip handle so no 'oops' throwing of the stick. Even if you did you'd find it again as it glows in the dark or it's bright orange so easy to find in day light as well.

Chuckit! make some awesome flying toys and the Max Glow Zipflight is no exception. It glows in the dark, can float, easy to clean, is soft and light weight making it fly pretty far and both the dogs and kids loved this toy. We received a size medium which is perfect for my Staffie and Frenchie.

Another important dog walking tool to have at this time of year is a light for your dog. I've had light up collars before but never a safety light. The orbiloc dog safety light has a dual purpose though as it can be used for your dog or yourself. It's a lightweight LED light visible up to 5km away and is 100% water proof. It's got replaceable batteries but you'll get 100hrs out of the original ones. How great is that.

Last but not least and not forgetting the lovely ditch the itch shampoo by fluff & spruce. It contains aloe vera and is perfect for my Staffie as she has a life long skin condition which makes her very itchy to the point where she bleeds. It's very sad so anything to help her skin is fabulous.

So there you have it, a bunch of exciting dog toys and products which the whole family loved and there wasn't a problem with any of them. They all seem very durable and have stood the thrashings of my dogs quite well with no damage as yet.

I was sent this hamper of dog products in return for an honest review. 

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loopyloulaura on 28 February 2017 at 12:04 said...

I like the glow in the dark one! Sadly our dog is a bit too old and has arthritis so can't play much :( #TriedTested

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