30 November 2016

The MOBO Awards 2016

You've all probably been wondering when I was going to write about the MOBO Awards the other half and I attended a few weekends ago. Well I'm going doing it now before I get dragged off and consumed by some other trivial task such as washing or filling the dish washer!

It was all thanks to the ever fabulous Rox - Diamonds & Thrills that we were able to attend the event on Friday 4th November. When the invite came through the other half and I decided to make a night of it with a stay at the lovely Dakota Deluxe in Glasgow when the party ended. I even got my hair and make up done, check me!

There were some delicious canapes and pre event drinks at the stunning Rox Argyll Arcade before we headed on to the SSE Hydro for a walk down the red carpet. The whole MOBO Awards show itself was amazing and such fun in really good company. There were lots of different urban acts and I totally surprised myself for knowing who some of them were. I thought I would have been too old by now.

In case you're dead curious my dress was by Talbot Runhof and the shoes I had on were a pair of heels by Manolo Blaknik. They were literally like wearing slippers which meant I could dance all night, hurrah.

I'll let the photos do the rest of the talking but we were having such a good time that we went on to the after party and danced until the wee hours. If you should ever get the chance to attend the MOBO Awards then definitely take it. It's an experience you won't forget.

27 November 2016

Review: Disney on Ice Presents Frozen

I've always wanted to see a Disney on Ice show, never mind the kids, so when the family and I were invited along to see Disney on Ice presents Frozen I couldn't have accepted quick enough. Since the show, including breaks, lasted for around two hours I decided to leave Harlow with the grandparents as she wouldn't sit long enough. That meant it was Logan, Daddy and I that got to go along and see the Frozen show. We couldn't wait.

The three of use were treated to a lovely VIP experience where we got to meet and greet Elsa and Anna before the show and have some photos taken with them. Elsa and Anna were of course beautiful and so polite. Logan loved every minute flexing his biceps at every opportunity. After this it was time for some relaxing in the VIP lounge where we could see the crew preparing the arena from the massive window overlooking the centre stage. There were even lovely little goodie bags which included a Disney on Ice soft toy (a troll or Olaf), a colouring book and a keepsake programme of the show.

Soon it was time for the main event so we grabbed our stuff, quickly bought Logan a flashy light up ice sword then ran to our seats. The view from our seats was amazing. We could see everything and when Mickey and Minnie Mouse skated on to start introducing the show it really was great and magical to watch. As with all shows we visit I took Logan's ear defenders along in case it was too loud but it actually wasn't that bad and he took them off half way through.

The show was so enthralling that the half time break came around quickly and that's when Logan spotted the Olaf slushies so off we went to purchase one. Of course it was expensive but it's all part of the excitement and experience for kids and I wanted to make sure Logan was happy and having a brilliant time, which he did by the way.

Logan's favourite part of the show had to be when the Marshmallow monster that Elsa makes to scare away her sister comes out onto the stage. The music is dramatic and the big monster inflates before your very eyes then starts breathing out smoke. It was brilliant.

The show is currently touring the UK with Disney on Ice Frozen tickets still available for the SSE Hydro Glasgow show tonight so if you've got a spare couple of hours then definitely purchase some tickets online and get yourself to Glasgow.

We were sent three tickets to the show in return for an honest review.

26 November 2016

Review: Babyzen Yoyo Footmuff

With winter well and truly upon us it’s time to start thinking about how we can keep the little ones warm and snug in their buggies. With constant school runs, Christmas shopping and winter walks it’s easy to forget their small bodies aren’t moving and need to be wrapped up to keep them cosy. Harlow has the fab Babyzen Yoyo stroller which I can’t recommend highly enough but she was lucky enough to receive the Babyzen Yoyo footmuff that goes with it to review.

As most of you will know the Babyzen Yoyo is a brilliant compact stroller which is easy to manoeuvre, fold and carry without stress or fuss. Add to that a perfectly fitting footmuff for winter and you’ve got a winning combination. With the stroller being more compact than most I really would recommend buying the official Babyzen Yoyo footmuff for it. I did try and use other footmuffs on this stroller however they were just too big and ended up trailing along the ground getting dirty. There’s no such trouble with the proper footmuff though and it fits on the stroller with ease. You basically feed the straps through the allotted slots in the fabric, clip them back together and you’re done. Easy as that.

The footmuff comes neatly packaged in a reusable drawstring bag which is perfect for bundling up and taking in the car or public transport. The Babyzen Yoyo can fold up with the footmuff still on it however it hangs out at the bottom slightly. I don't mind this though as it doesn't touch the wheels so no dirt and with putting in the boot of the car it's totally fine. The footmuff reminds me in some way of a cocoon with its rounded edges and even a dainty hood at the top for when your toddler falls asleep. It's fleece lined inside and great for keeping their heads warm.

One feature I really like is that the front of the footmuff can zip all the way off so if you're precious freaks out at having their feet covered stick them in an all in one and just take the front of the footmuff off. They'll still have a cosy bottom and back giving you peace of mind. If they're the opposite and love being snuggled in then there's a pull toggle at the front you can tighten to keep their hands in. I do this when Harlow's sleeping as she normal likes her hands free to point at stuff.

Even though there's different coloured fabrics for the stroller I can only seem to find the footmuff in the Nearly Black colour. Fine by me though as you're less likely to see spills and mess with this colour. Whilst we're in the subject of mess I had the dogs in the boot of the car (beside the stroller stupidly) and our smallest dog was sick on the footmuff!! Queue lots of sighing and groaning from me but after a quick whiz in the washing machine at 30oc it was good as new with no stains, thanks goodness. So it definitely washes well ladies and gents.

Since the Babyzen Yoyo isn't the biggest of strollers you'll have guessed that the footmuff isn't the biggest either. Do not let this put you off however as Harlow is 22 months old and we've been using our footmuff for the last month and it fits her perfectly as you'll see from the photos. It might not last past the age of 3 if your child is tall for their age but by then they'll be walking more and want a bit of independence from the stroller.

At the retail price of £89.95 these footmuffs aren't the cheapest on the market but they're certainly not the most expensive out there either. I've seen some doing the rounds for over a hundred squid so it gives you an idea of where this sits. These footmuffs really are lovely and definitely a fab investment and one which you won't regret. If you've got a Babyzen Yoyo stroller or a small compact buggy I'd highly recommend you purchase this footmuff as it's been a delight to have and use for us.

I was sent the Babyzen Yoyo footmuff in return for an honest review.
Family Fever

3 November 2016

A Christmas Gift Guide for Toddlers


With only really 7 weeks left till Christmas (yikes!) it’s time to start thinking about the present buying for the little ones. I’m trying not to go mad this year as the kids already have a lot of toys and games but it’s so hard when you see something you know they’ll just love. To help me keep on track I’ve been writing little lists here and there when I see something nice or when Logan mentions something he would really like from Santa. With Harlow being the second child she’s a bit harder to buy for since there’s plenty to keep her occupied so I’ve put together a quick guide of presents I think she’ll love for Christmas.

Echo mic
Sometimes the simple things are the best and these echo mics are spot on. They’re cheap and cheerful and perfect for boisterous toddlers and budding young singers. This would even make a great stocking filler if your stocking’s big enough and most of these mics come in at a reasonable £2-£4.

Kidoozie my first purse
At nearly 2 years old Harlow still hasn’t got a proper first purse but this super cute Kidoozie one would be perfect. It’s a gorgeous little soft purple bag complete with a bright pink flower design and includes a mobile phone, keys and wallet. As well as this there’s a pretend lipstick, unbreakable mirror and debit card. I’m sure Harlow will love it and at £15 it won't break the bank.

Twirlywoos gift pack
Hands up who’s toddler loves the Twirlywoos? When it’s on the TV it’s about the only time in our house when Harlow will sit still. She gets all excited pointing and laughing so how could I not include some Twirlywoos goodies for her Christmas. This gift pack has the 5 main characters and is suitable for ages 18 months and up. Retailing for £12.99 you can normally find it cheaper by doing a quick online search.

It’s tradition in our house that the kids get new pj’s for Christmas. This normally happens at either the start of December or in their Christmas Eve goodie box, I haven’t quite decided yet. You can get all sort of lovely pj’s in the shops but Matalan actually have matching family pj’s this year with proceeds going straight towards funding Alder Hey’s new Research, Innovation and Education Centre.

Play food
Harlow already has a gorgeous wooden play kitchen which she inherited from her big brother but a lot of the play food is looking a bit tired now. I’m going to have a cull and throw out most of the run down play food so it’s time to start looking for some new sets. Melissa & Doug do some awesome wooden play food sets for little ones but I also quite like the odd bit of plastic food for a change too. There is a lot of sets out there which you can pick up for as little as £5 so get looking.

Balance bike
This very lightweight Chicco balance bike is perfect for getting your toddler into cycling and at £34.99 it’s a great price. If you’re lucky enough I’ve seen a few selling for £16.95 which is a major bargain. Logan had one of these balance bikes when he was little but I didn’t keep it so I’ve recently bought the pink version for Harlow’s Christmas. She loves watching Logan on his bike so fingers crossed she’ll love this.

Doctors kit
Playing doctors is great for the imagination and we did have a doctors kit in the house but it was so old it started to break hence why I’m adding it to Harlow’s wish list. You can find a lot of play doctors kits for £10 and under especially on Amazon or you can spend a little more and buy a character one such as Doc McStuffins or Peppa Pig.

Back pack
The days of our baby changing bag are now over. I can go back to my normal handbag but I still need something to keep Harlow’s things in (nappies, change of clothes, snacks etc) which means it’s time to upgrade her to a back pack. There’s so many designs to choose from but I quite like ones which have recognisable characters on so this Doc McStuffins back pack is perfect and only comes in at £2.95.

Vtech Toot Toot advent calendar
Instead of a chocolate advent calendar for the count down to Christmas why not purchase your toddler one of the Vtech Toot Toot advent calendars. You can choose from either the Vtech animals or Vtech drivers and prices range from £24.99 to £35.00. I also spotted a Play-Doh advent calendar in case your little one is really into that.

That's the list I have so far for Harlow but I'd love to hear your gift guide ideas for toddlers. Please feel free to share by leaving a comment or catching me on social media.

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