15 October 2016

Miriam the Film

So my other half is in a film. Don't worry, it's not some kind of porno (thankfully) but he is in an actual real life film! It's called Miriam and is a short film (20 minutes long) which will be hitting the film festival pretty soon. We went along to see a screening of it last month with all the cast, some friends, family and a few other guests. It was quite surreal to see the hubster on the big screen but it felt great knowing he'd done something he really enjoyed.

Miriam is an independent film made in Scotland and is a about a woman who, after a family tragedy, returns to work in the justice system to seek revenge. She takes revenge on those she feels get off lightly with their sentences and there's also one person in particular she's desperate to catch up with. This person ruined her life and she'll be damned if she's going to let them slip through her fingers.

I really thought the film was fab and I'm not just saying that because the other half's in it. The whole mood of the film is quite dark and the film score is amazing, it just brings everything together piece by piece. Did I happen to mention my other half is a very bad man and gets blown up in a car! It's brilliant. Check out some photos from the preview and be sure to take a nosy at Miriam on Facebook and Twitter.

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