28 September 2016

Review: Bambella Designs

Babies are cute but they also tend to be messy little things. I often wonder how someone so small can make such a big mess but for reasons unknown they’re very capable. Sometimes I think they do it on purpose just to get extra attention as lets be honest, any moment of your time is better than no time at all in you child’s eyes. Fear not though! The lovely Bambella Designs is on hand to give you some help in the ‘less mess’ department as well as providing style and comfort for your little one.

Here’s a little bit about Bambella Designs: “Founder of Bambella Designs, Jasmine Vanstone, knows all too well the importance of a cuddle. Having spent five years as a social worker, caring for traumatized children in child protection, she continues to make a difference in the lives of the little. A staunch supporter of innovation and ready to push boundaries, Jasmine spent years researching and liaising with her global network of contacts to develop a range of contemporary, handmade pram liners, swag covers, change table mats and trolley lines that celebrate craftsmanship, form and functionality.  Bambella Designs is now recognized as Australia’s most fashionable accessory labels for prams and strollers.”

Bambella Designs offer a lovely range of liners, protectors and harness covers for high chairs, buggies, moses baskets, car seats etc and Harlow was lucky enough to be sent a few items to try out. We received a fabulous car seat protector and matching harness covers in the Arrows Grey Fawn design. I’d often thought about a car seat cover before, as Harlow always makes a mess when eating in the car, but just never got round to purchasing one. The car seat cover is great and so easy to use with our car seat. You basically pop the buckle part of the car seat through the allotted hole in the protector and you’re done. The protector also has 2 velcro strips on either side at the back just to make sure the protector doesn’t fall down on itself. The protector covers a little bit of the back of the car seat and most of the bottom where your child sits. This is great because I often find food slips down into the car seat where the buckle is and I just can’t get it out no matter how much I shake the seat around. With the protector is saves food and drinks getting anywhere near the car seat and saves for a big clean in the long run. It’s so much easier cleaning the protector than having to hall the cover off the car seat and clean that ready for the next car journey. I don’t know about you but I really have no time for that.

You’ll be pleased to know that the car seat protector doubles as a pee pad for when potty training, how awesome is that. It’s made with three layers of highly absorbent, machine washable fabric which can be used in car seats, prams or anywhere on the go really. Bus and train seats come to mind as well, you can thank me later. Of course the car seat cover is machine washable and it looks like it’ll be quick to dry. I haven’t had to wash Harlow’s one yet but when she has dropped stuff on it a quick baby wipe has done the trick.

As well as protecting against food, drinks and pee stains and spills the protector is also very comfy, well from the looks of Harlow’s face it seems to be, and provides extra comfort on our car journeys. This is where the harness covers come in handy too. They protect against sticky little hands but when Harlow falls asleep it means her face isn’t pressing against the bare harnesses. Having a little bit of cushioning definitely helps and we’ve got a long car journey coming up soon so these will be perfect. Harness covers of course don’t have to be exclusively used for a car seat. They can be used with buggy straps too.

Last but not least Harlow was sent a trolley liner to try out. I received this in the Arrows Grey Fawn design as well but there’s plenty of other designs to choose from on their website. To be honest I never knew trolley liners existed and instead had been using my own blanket to keep Harlow comfy and cosy when I do the food shopping. The trolley seat where kids sit never looks that inviting and it’s freezing going round the supermarkets so having a lovely trolley liner to hand is fantastic. It comes with it’s own drawstring bag so easy to store away and keep in the car if you wish. It plops into the trolley seat with no hassle and takes under a minute to feed the straps through to secure your child. Then all you have to do is wrap the other piece of fabric round the trolley hand and it sticks back onto itself with velcro, sorted. Harlow seemed to quite enjoy the trolley liner and it meant I didn’t have to worry about her comfort or the fact she likes to lick the dirty trolley handle!! Oh and I don’t have to touch the trolley handle either since it’s covered in lovely fabric, bonus. The trolley liner is made from 100% cotton and has a 350 gram density inlay. It’s machine washable so you don’t have to worry if it gets dirty from the trolley or your little one.

The only small thing with the trolley liner is that since Harlow can be a diva near the end of the food shop she started trying to pull the fabric from the trolley handle. It didn’t bother me too much as it’s easy enough to velcro back down however miss madam pants thought it was then a game. Hopefully she’ll grow out of that habit.

Overall I loved the design, style and quality of all products. They’re really handy and well worth having especially the car seat protector when you’re potty training. It’s a brilliant idea and will cause a lot less stress for you and your child. These would make great presents as they’re something a bit different and I’d definitely recommend to family and friends.

I was sent these items in return for an honest review.

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