6 September 2016

Autism Rocks Fife within the Community

Parents of children with autism will know what a daily battle it is to keep some form of normality and push forward with life in general when their child is struggling. Thankfully autism has more awareness nowadays but this doesn't always mean understanding or compassion from others. As most of you will know my son, Logan, was diagnosed with autism when he was three and a half years old and not a day goes by when it feels like I have to fight his corner for acceptance. People who don't live with autism on a daily basis really don't have any idea the stresses and strains that strangers tuts and stares or rude aggressive behavior can inflict on someone with autism.

Around the time of Logan's diagnoses there really wasn't anything within our community to help support children, teens or adults with autism. It was a lonely world out there for people affected by the condition and all anyone really wants is acceptance and a place to feel safe. Luckily for my family and the people of Fife Liza Quin, who's daughter is autistic, stepped up to the mark and with the help of a few dedicated volunteers created the amazing Autism Rocks Fife.
Who wants to have their photo taken anyway!
Based in Mehtil, Autism Rocks provide a safe haven for parents, children, teens and adults who can enjoy time in the company of like minded people without feeling pressure or judgement. The premises they have has a large hall full of toys, games and sensory equipment as well as a dining/ kitchen area for presentations, coffee mornings and lunches. Autism Rocks provide valuable support within the community and organise fabulous family days, pool parties, fundraisers and a special night just for the teens/ adults of the group.

As you can imagine word of this fantastic group has been spread far and wide with many people travelling quite far to attend and just to feel a bit of normality. No one judges here, everyone is accepted for who they are and frankly it's a god send for us. I would quite literally fear taking Logan out and about for panic of what people might think or say but this group has given me the strength to stand up for my son and to be the person he needs me to be. Logan also feels completely himself at these groups and loves attending the pool parties. He's always asking when the next one is. Without donations, fundraisers and local supports this group would never have come to fruition. Without the dedication and determination of the Autism Rocks team there simply would be no group, so thank you from the bottom of my heart. You're making life so much easier for people on a daily basis. Keep up the fantastic work.

Logan and his Daddy loving life.
If you have a community group that you're thankful for and wish to help them out in anyway you can then why not enter them into the HomeServe community project. Two community groups will receive a revamp of up to £4,000. A team of HomeServe engineers will volunteer a day of their time & any necessary materials to support the project, allowing them to get on with what they do best – supporting the community. Good Luck!

In return for writing this post money was donated to an organisation of my choice.

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