10 August 2016

Review: Dotty Fish Leather Baby Shoes

Finding the right shoes for your child can often be a pain in the bum. You worry about sizing, do they fit correctly are they too tight? You then see the price tag and worry about that, why pay so much when their feet grow so fast! And of course you want them to look good and match with your child’s cute and stylish outfits which often means you have to purchase a few pairs to go with different things. Ah the stress, I can feel the pressure building already. Picking shoes for your little one shouldn’t have to be so complicated and that’s where Dotty Fish come in.

Dotty Fish started back in January 2006 when Helen Chapman’s son, Joshua, was not yet one and he was given a gift of a pair of baby shoes that were very expensive. Helen tells us more: “I wanted to purchase some more but I couldn’t find anything at a reasonable price. I decided to do some research to see if I could come up with a more affordable shoe. This developed into “ShimmyShoes”, my first range of baby shoes. They proved very popular and went from strength to strength. I decided in July 2009, with things tough for everyone, to introduce a recession friendly shoe, and the “My Twinkle Toe” range was introduced along with a new website. “My Twinkle Toes” was featured as a successful on-line business and was shown as part of the ITV Programme “Tonight”. You can see a recording of the show below. We have carried on expanding, introducing more and more designs and all at affordable prices so there is something for everyone! We are constantly adding new lines to the collection and as we now do more than soft leather baby shoes we decided to re-brand and we have now become “dottyfish leather baby shoes + bibs + bobs”.”

Dotty Fish offer a wide range of gorgeous leather shoes for babies and kids up to the age of 5 years. They have lots of different colours, designs and styles to choose from and I was really happy when Harlow was sent a little pair for her holidays. Being the lush soft leather that they are the shoes Harlow received were perfect for the hot weather. Whilst her feet where becoming hot and sweaty in the more solid shoes I’d brought along the Dotty Fish leather shoes looked more comfortable and didn’t leave any marks on her feet. She would run around by the pool, at the park or in the zoo quite happily with her new shoes and they protected her feet really well. One other thing which I love about these shoes is that they never fell off! Harlow’s a bit of a diva, preferring to feel the fresh air on her toes, but even she struggled to successfully pull the shoes off. She did manage one at some point on the holiday which was a vast improvement on having to put her shoes back on at least 50 times a day.

Harlow received a pair of the very sweet Cupcake baby leather shoes which have, as you guessed, a cupcake motif on the front. They’re lovely little shoes and because of their bold design they really go with anything. The beauty of the Dotty Fish shoes though are they’re only £7.99 each!! What a bargain. It means you can easily get a few pairs without breaking the bank in the process. I also like using them when Harlow attends her little music classes as everyone takes their shoes off (it’s comfier) but I don’t want her getting cold feet so she wears her leather shoes. It still means she can run around quite happy and they give extra grip on the slippy floor.
As you can see from the photos above the shoes are still in good condition even after a hefty wear and tear from Harlow on our holiday. She was wearing them outside totally fine and that was running around mad by the pool, at the play park and anywhere else we went.

Dotty Fish aren’t just all about the shoes though, there’s some awesome tag blankets available from as little as £6.99. There’s some beautiful designs to choose from as well that’ll be sure to keep your baby happy and content for that well earned hot cuppa you’ve desperately been trying to have.

To give you a helping hand Dotty Fish have a special 10% discount code for all of my lovely readers. Just type in code: BREASTESTNEWS10DF at the check out, it’s valid until the 31st October 2016.

Overall the quality, price point and style of the products speak for themselves. They really are lovely, comfy for Harlow to wear and definitely stay on her feet for longer than other shoes on the market. Dotty Fish have the option to buy gift boxsets as well so an excellent birthday, Christmas or new baby gift. I’ll definitely be recommending to family and friends.

Please visit www.dottyfish.com for more products and information. You can also see what they get up to on Facebook and Twitter so why not pop over and say hello!

I was sent a pair of Dotty Fish shoes for Harlow in return for an honest review.

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