30 May 2016

When Life Takes Over

I really take my hat off to all the Mummy and Daddy bloggers out there who manage to post on their blog almost every day or at least once a week. They must be super organised and I have to say I envy you folks. For the love of me I can't seem to nail down a blogging rhythm, I've tried but nothing sticks. I do enjoy blogging but I like doing it for me and not because I've got someone breathing down my neck about their review piece (although I of course take on reviews that interest myself and my family). Also the inevitable happens, life! It takes over as it always does, you think you're sailing along then BAM!! Out of no where you're back to square one juggling life and whatever is thrown at you and my poor blog, well it has to take a back seat for a while.

I'd say I'm quite an organised person and love a good routine but cracking the blogging routine has not happened yet and I've been blogging for over 5 years now. Will it ever come? Who knows really. Maybe if I put more of an effort in and actually took the time out to organise myself then yeah I could see it happening. However that means time I have to take from somewhere else. Where exactly would I get that time from? I can't do anything with Harlow around as she's a complete whirlwind and hardly ever naps. I try to do some blog work during my work lunch breaks however something else always crops up. When the kids are in bed I drag myself to the computer but I'm so knackered the motivation just isn't there and I waste my night staring at god awful news stories on questionable newspaper sites (you know the ones). 

Surely I'm not alone when it comes to feeling like this? I can't be the only one who struggles with the juggle of family life and trying to manage their hobby of blog writing. Time is my biggest enemy, there's just never enough and you can't exactly buy more (if only). To all the professional bloggers out there who've turned their hobby into a business and who still manage to post regularly and juggle family life - what's your secret? Is your house a tip? Do you live like a nudist because you've skipped the clothes washing in favour of a blog post? Do you have a nanny who does the domestic stuff? Or are you simply so organised and have amazing sheer determination and will power that you some how pull it all of and look fecking amazing even though you're secretly frazzled when the camera's not pointing your way?

Please tell me your secrets...

Toys, toys everywhere!! FML!

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Unknown on 2 June 2016 at 13:34 said...

I'm posting everyday, or at least 5 times a week. I'm determined to make a go of blogging and my kids are a little older; 3 and 5. Now that youngest has started preschool, that's my blogging time. I am struggling to find the time during school holidays though. But honestly it mainly comes down to the fact that I LOVE blogging, if I wasn't enjoying it I wouldn't do it x

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