9 May 2016

Harlow's 16 Month Update

Harlow is now 16 months old and she’s desperately trying to talk. She’s not quite there yet but sometimes the odd word pops out. For example it sounds like she’s trying to say shoes a lot which would make sense as she has a major fascination for shoes! Typical girl. As with last months update she does say Hi now and again and is definitely learning Mummy and Daddy although they come out of her little mouth as “Mummm mummmm mummm” and “Dadada dadada dadada”. It’s accurate when she’s trying to get my attention or her Daddy’s attention which is cute. Logan and I were playing with her the other night and it sounded like she was singing E-I-E-I-O from Old MacDonald had a farm. Logan of course found this hysterical, what else are big brother’s for than to laugh at you!

Miss madam chops is still an independent diva and to prove it she’s now started throwing her dinner around the room if she doesn’t fancy it and constantly demands sweeties from the kids cupboard. I think I’ll need to start hiding the sweeties soon or she won’t eat anything else. She’s also started wanting to feed herself more and more now to the point she’ll have a full on tantrum if she doesn’t get to pick up her own spoon and feed herself her yogurt. I’m not looking forward to the terrible twos if she’s like this already!

Her favourite foods at the moment seem to be pears, raspberries, noodles, baked beans, chips, fish, rice, cous cous and crackers. She does eat a variety of other foods (thankfully) but these seem to be her favs right now. Some days she can be a fussy pots though and won’t eat much at all, I’m not sure if her teeth are bothering her at the moment or not but her gums do look a bit red.

I had booked her up for some swimming lessons at a local pool as she loves the water however did she want to go in the pool and take part? Of course not. Why swim in the pool with all the other babies when you can run round it several times and play with the toys instead. Needless to say after two lessons I had to cancel as she wasn’t listening, was disrupting everyone else with her screaming and frankly I was freezing walking round the pool in my swimming costume haha. I think I’ll wait till she’s a bit older before I try again, no cute under water swimming photos for us!

Harlow’s been on her usual play dates, lunches and soft play outings this past month although now it’s getting harder to keep her in a high chair for longer than 10 minutes. I’m going to have to be a bit more savvy with timings on when we go out so I can avoid grumpy meltdowns. Since some nice weather (not all the time as there was snow a couple of weeks ago) has arrived I’ve been able to get the kids outside to play more which Harlow has loved. The back garden needs a good scrub but if I put a little puddle suit on her she’s fine tottering around with the dogs and playing in the kiddies play house.

Her sleeping is pretty much still the same with her waking once now during the night for a feed then straight back down until 8am if I’m lucky. With the light mornings she’s been getting up a bit earlier especially if she hears her big brother bouncing around as he’s awake for 6am. She still doesn’t nap much during the day however if we’re kicking around the house then I’ve been trying to put her in her cot for a sleep after lunch and thankfully she does get a rest. Sometimes it’s not for long but it’s better than no nap as she just becomes grumpy before dinner time.

I’ve recently booked a little summer holiday for the family and I, so the hunt is on to look out some nice warm weather clothes for us flying away soon. Harlow has ample clothing stocks in her wardrobe the problem is will they fit her in time for her holidays or will I have to do a dash to the shops to find something suitable for her to wear!? Maybe if I’m lucky I’ll be able to get her a few bits and pieces in the sales?


4 comments on "Harlow's 16 Month Update"

Unknown on 10 May 2016 at 20:56 said...

awww lovely, what a nice little update. My daughter is also obsessed with "shoooeesss" and has recently started pointing out peoples shoes she likes!so cute. thanks for sharing #TwinklyTuesdays

The Breastest News on 10 May 2016 at 21:02 said...

Thanks Georgina. Lol, girls and their shoes. Harlow normally tries to run away with other people's shoes especially at soft play :)

mummyofboygirltwins on 10 May 2016 at 21:18 said...

Fab photos and how cute!! Love that messy photo :) Such a cute age and what a lovely post xx

Briony on 10 May 2016 at 21:23 said...

Aaah that moment when they learn what is kept in which cupboard!! I've tried hiding the sweets but he always learns. Loving the pics. Fab update what a nice way to record everything . #TwinklyTuesday

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