31 March 2016

Returning To Work

My maternity leave ended the first week into March and it was with a little apprehension that I returned to work the following week. I had been preparing myself for it coming, I just never realised how quickly it would come round. I'd been on maternity leave (with accrued holidays) for 14 months but time has flown by and here I am, back at work and strangely so far I'm quite enjoying it!

I'm only working part time but some of the perks include; getting a hot cup of tea without the fear of having it near a child or going cold, getting to eat my breakfast and basically all food to myself without sharing, not having to constantly clean up after my cheeky toddler when she decides to empty the kitchen cupboards, getting more than 5 minutes to myself to actually do something productive and even though it's a busy office it's actually pretty quiet compared to home and very peaceful in a way.

I'm glad I have the option to go back to work, I know a lot of people can't due to childcare, but it's something I really wanted to do. It's nice to have something to myself, a place where I'm not known as Mum but as Laura. I'm not saying I don't like being a Mum of course and a lot of you will understand that having something else to do other than Mum duties is good for the soul and keeps you sane.

I also like the fact I get to 'dress up' in office wear instead of my usual jeans and tee combo. When I was heading out to work this week Logan complemented me on my works dress saying "Oh Mummy, that dress is just beautiful!". I'm happy to say that comment was given freely and totally unprompted by me. It made my heart swell and set me up for a fab day. It also made me think I must make more of an effort around the house as I've never had that comment on any of my Mummy clothes before haha!

The dress that got the compliment!

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